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Latest Blog Posts

The Power of Positive Thinking

Contrary to popular opinion, positive thinking is an important skill that can be acquired, rather than being an innate attribute in some people. Positive thinking can benefit the mind in many ways. It can increase creativity, initiate the pursuit of new skills, and of...

Milk: An Emperor with No Clothes

Did your grandmother or some other elder in your family ever say something like: “Drink your milk, it will help you grow up big and strong”? In our culture, milk seems to be this elixir of health that provides many benefits with no downside costs to our health. This...

Good and Bad Habits of Smart People

Extraordinarily smart people have more in common than you might think. Smart people are persistent, they set goals, they are avid readers, they are self-disciplined, and they think about thinking (metacognition). People tend to know most of these good habits of smart...