What if you could transform your life for the better in just 90 days?
We’re not talking about a quick fix like a new hair cut or simply listening to a new program… 

we’re talking about a full transformational SHIFT where you can actually start to FEEL that way you’ve been desperate to feel
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The 90-Day Game Is For Someone Who...
  • is ready to commit to their own growth
  • knows there is MORE out there for them
  • KNOWS they can make those big changes, but just needs a clear path.
  • is looking for guidance, accountability, and community
  • ​is willing to do the work it takes to create lasting change
  • ​is open to taking the 90-day game FULLY ON
  • ​is willing to invest in their own growth
Do you feel ready to make a big change, but need direction?

If the answer is yes, then this program is for YOU.
You will receive...
  • ​Guidance in creating your own personal 90 day game. You choose what your experience looks like
  • ​An app (can be used both on your phone or the web) that will have your personal 90 day completely mapped out for you by our team.                    Assisting you in knowing exactly what you need to do to win the day
  • ​An accountability leader from our team as your cheerleader and support who will guide you through the process and help you                                  stay on track for your massive change
  •  A library of video trainings answering your questions and giving you extra tips to set you up for ultimate success 
  •  Live video calls with the AYS team every week for extra support, guidance, and have any of your personal questions answered
How Does It Work?
We have a session of new 90 day games starting every monday. What that means is you don’t have to wait for the start of a month, or quarter, but you get to start when you are ready.

Immediately after you sign up, before you start your 90 day game, we give you some homework. Because we ask you to show up fully and take this seriously, the homework will take about 2-3 hours. We require that you submit your homework the Thursday an 12PM PST before your game starts.

What if I sign up past the Thursday deadline?
If you sign up past Thursday at 12pm PST, your game won’t start till the Monday that is 9 days away. 
What if I sign up before Thursday but don’t have time to complete my homework until after?
Let’s say you sign up on a Tuesday but won’t find time to complete your homework till the weekend, your game will simply be postponed and won’t start until the Monday that is 9 days away.
What happens if I don’t fill out my homework?
Your game will not start until you submit your homework to us. If you don’t fill out your homework for 2 weeks from the time you sign up, then your game won’t start until the monday that follows the date of your submission. 
What if I am ready now?
We get it. Sometimes you know right now is the time to take action and you are are ready to start creating momentum. We want to honor that. For that reason, we have an option for you to expedite your game to start within 24 hours of your purchase. If you choose this option, we do ask you to submit your homework immediately. This does cost extra when you check out because our team will need to hustle to get everything setup for you. But if you are ready and committed to make immediate change, then we are happy to hustle for you.

This Program Is TRULY Like No Other
Hands on support
Community of like-minded people
A clear and proven system to reach your desired outcomes
Pay Once
Payment Plan
$1200 for 90 days
$500/mo for 3 months
Do Yourself a Favor and Make the Investment!
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