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Have you guys read that article written by contemplatively creative Mauricio Estrella? You know, the one on Medium, “How A Password Changed My Life”.  The summary is that he changed his password to the thing he wanted to “fix” most. And the crazy thing? IT TOTALLY WORKED.

So, what does that mean for you? For me? Does it mean we need to change our passwords so we can be successful in the areas we truly want? I mean, sure, absolutely! But what about just applying the concept itself?

This tactic is a version of daily affirmations. Have you seen Jessica’s Affirmations? This girl is not only the cutest but also a sweet little reminder of how pure and joyful reveling in the awesomeness of our lives can be.

The words we say to ourselves are powerful. More powerful than any other force we encounter. The lies inside our heads about who we are, what we are, and what we can be are dark and strong. The worst of these lies? “There’s no point trying. It’s too hard.”

The beauty of Mauricio and his passwords is that he launched a full-scale attack on his psyche by offering himself verbal affirmations to get to the point of wanting to want to.  Wanting to want something is a tiny first step. A crucial first step.

How can you do this, too? Post-its, marker on the mirror, e-mails to yourself, and notes on your phone’s home screen are GREAT ways to give yourself powerful affirmations all day. But I think what’s really powerful is the act of writing or typing the words because that means you putting the thought into existence.

Remember that old school punishment of writing lines? “I will not tell lies.” Written over and over and over again to teach a student a lesson. They were on to something. Am I suggesting that you write, “Lose 10 pounds.” 100 times a day? I mean, maybe? What would work for you?

Where can you offer yourself positive reinforcement of the things that are healing and good for your heart? What do you need to say to yourself right now to want to want to? And how can you start saying it to yourself tomorrow?

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