If only they taught a class in school on how to live the life of YOUR dreams.
Well, they didn't. So we created the AYS University. Classes start October 1st. 
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What is AYS?
We at Author of Your Own Story believe that you shouldn’t have to settle for a life other than one you deem epic. If you are ready to start living the life you’ve always dreamt of, we are ready to help you get there. That’s why we’ve created AYS University— a comprehensive program of everything we know will help you one-up your life. Each month we deliver to you the tools you need to conquer a specific part of your five to thrive.
How does it work?

Each month we cover a specific topic inside your Five to Thrive: Mind, Body, Soul, Relationships, & Business. Our team will ship you your monthly Growth Package. When you open your shipment, you’ll find your customized MP3 Player or SIM card loaded with that month’s content, monthly guided exercise packets, structured journal exercises, and what to expect for the upcoming month’s events – everything you need to succeed for the upcoming month. Of course, we’ll also have all of this available to you digitally in the event that you’re on the move so you’ll never miss a beat.

You’ll be given exclusive access to the Author of Your Own Story website. Once logged in, you’ll have access to all of that month’s material as well as access to the material from previous months since you enrolled. [Get a list of what’s included here]

You’ll also be invited to join the private community just for AYS University members. In the community, you’ll be able to meet other members, get your questions answered, exchange ideas, and create community.

Each week, there will be a live video conference. These live events provide you with a deeper dive into the subject matter and provide insight into the growth topic of the month. Although you’ll want to do whatever you can to attend the live event, we will provide a recording in case you aren’t able to attend. This will allow you to continue to grow regardless of your schedule.

We’ve structured this program to allow you grow at your own pace whether you do best by yourself or with a community. Although all of our calls are scheduled and designed with the intention of you being able to participate live, we’ve also put in place a structure that will allow you to cover the material when the time is right for you. This is your story and we’re here to help you make it an epic adventure!

What's Included Each Month?
Customized MP3 Player or SD Card
Exclusive Live Q&A Sessions
Access to the Private AYSU Community
30 Daily Growth Hacks
Topic Specific Guided Meditation
*The Official "90-Day Game" Journal & Workbook
30 Points to Ponder
Monthly Guided Exercises (Delivered to our Doorstep)
*Access to the Wheel of Life Course
Weekly Book Discussions for Book of the Month
Structured Journal Exercises
*1-On-1 Coaching Call to Focus on Wheel of Life
Exclusive AYSU Interviews
Monthly Calendar for your 30-Day Game
*Included in the Starter Package When You Sign Up For a Year

Customized MP3 Players & SD Cards

Each month you will receive a pre-loaded MP3 Player* or SD Card filled with:

✔️The Monthly Topic Intro
✔️30 Daily Growth Hacks
✔️30 Points to Ponder
✔️4 Weekly Book Discussions
✔️AYSU Interview
✔️Topic-Specific Guided Meditation

*MP3 Players are sent out upon enrollment 

Monthly Guided Exercise Packet 
Our team puts together structured exercises and lessons tailored towards each topic to help you grow. These exercise packets are mailed to you each and every month as part of your University experience. To make it even more convenient, we make these exercise packets available for digital download so you can continue growing even on the go. 
Exclusive AYSU Interviews 

Each month you’ll be given exclusive access to an interview with an expert in that month’s topic of discussion, an inspirational success story, author of the book of the month, or oftentimes...all of the above.  

The expert interviews are designed to allow you to dive deeper into the subject and provide alternative points of view. 

The inspirational success stories are handpicked to provide you insight into someone living the Author of Your Own Story lifestyle.  

When possible, we’ll provide you exclusive interviews with the authors of the books that are chosen for the month. This will be your chance to hear new updates, and insights since the book was published.  

Weekly Book Discussions for Book of the Month

A book can contain decades of knowledge and experience. Each month, the book selected will allow you to leapfrog that time lapse and expose you to new information that will allow you to grow.  

Although purchasing the book isn’t mandatory for the program, it is highly encouraged. You will be provided weekly book insights and discussion topics - all pre-loaded on your MP3 player or SD card.

Private AYSU Community 

Personal growth doesn’t have to be a solo mission. The private Author of Your Own Story University community was created to bring like-minded individuals together. We know it can be challenging to find people who are committed to living a life of their dreams, such as you, which is why the AYSU community is the perfect place for you to connect, share, and get inspired. 
Monthly Calendar for Your 30-Day Game

Regardless of whether you’re a billionaire client who’s been with our coaches for years or just starting out, having a 30-Day Game calendar filled out and on your wall helps ensure that you reach the finish line each and every month.  

We’ll provide you with a template to fill out along with instructions so you can plan out your month and make sure to hit your marks during your journey.

Topic-Specific Guided Meditation
We know that the days can get away from us, so we’ve created a topic specific meditation for each month. The meditations are designed to allow you to create space within yourself to explore the ideas and concepts we cover for the month. This time to think and expand will provide you with greater insight and knowledge on the subject matter and yourself. 
Exclusive Live Q&A Sessions

Although the entire Author of Your Own Story University program can be done on your own time, our exclusive live Q&A sessions provide you with the unique opportunity to experience a classroom like discussion online. This is your opportunity to ask questions, get clear, and hear the thoughts of your fellow AYSU members.  

We provide a recording of the live Q&A sessions, so if you can’t make it, you can always catch up when you’re free. This is YOUR story after all and we’re here to support you.

Classes Start October 1st! 

You can sign up at ANYTIME, but why wait when it comes to creating a life of your dreams? 

Choose Your Level
We want to honor all journeys and commitment levels - choose which self-investment feels best for you. 


This is for the individual looking to make the first step towards the life of their dreams 

$167 /month
  • Customized Pre-Loaded MP3 Player 
  • Monthly Guided Exercises
  • Topic Specific Meditation
  • Exclusive AYSU Interviews
  • Weekly Book Discussions
  • Live Q&A Sessions


This is for the individual ready to make serious changes in the direction of their dreams with hands on guidance

$2,500 /month
  • Everything in Gold Package
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • 90 Day Game Coaching Call With Doug (Our Expert Coach)
  • Custom Fitness and Nutrition Training
  • Access to all Events
  • Private Community for All Platinum Members
  • Special Extended Monthly Group Call with Doug (Platinum Members Only)

Inner Circle

This is for those dedicated to living a life without limitations 

$10,000 /month
  • Everything in Gold and Platinum Packages
  • Private Quarterly Retreat (4 times a year)
  • Access to all Platinum Events
  • Networking Opportunities with Inner Circle Members
If you commit to a YEAR you will receive our Starter Package and 10% Off
An Author Of Your Own Story Journal to Set You Up For Success
Exclusive Access to Training On Your Wheel Of Life
Training On Your 90-Day Game
1 On 1 Focus Call With a Coach to Map Out Your Wheel of Life and 90 Day Game
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Choose Your Commitment
We want to honor all journeys and commitment levels - choose which self-investment feels best for you. 
$1,803.60 /year
$27,000 /year
Inner Circle 
$108,000 /year