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We started this quest for Author of Your Own Story. I actually sat down with my team and asked them, “What is the biggest thing that we can do? Do you think we can impact a hundred, a thousand, 10,000, 100,000, a million people?” We all agreed that our quest was to touch and positively impact over 1 million people.

Now, here we are with only five weeks left to hit our goal of having 350 daily growth hacks. It seemed like one of those long-stretched goals, and we’re almost there. That was my commitment. We’ve literally heard from almost every corner of the world, people who have been positively impacted by these daily growth hacks and our newsletter and the other things the Author of Your Own Story crew is doing.

My question to you today: What could you do today to positively impact one other person? Now, let me give you a few ideas. One, share your gifts on social media. Maybe it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, whatever it is for you, share what is true for you. By sharing your story, your truths, you allow other people to step into the light. You allow them to step in.

I can tell you, it took me a long time even filming these daily growth hacks, and now I just, I walk in, I flip on the lights, and you could probably tell I just say what’s on my mind, something that’s happened to me in the day or a conversation I’ve had in the hopes I can pass something on, but it wasn’t always that way. I was nervous. As I’ve shared these daily growth hacks, and as I share on my own social media, I get people reaching out to me all the time, answering questions that I post, but share to do it publicly, and I want you to be that outlier. When you’re sharing of yourself, you’re allowing other people to do it, and they hearing you, even if they don’t talk about it.

The second thing you could do. Well, you could share these daily growth hacks. You don’t have to even share this podcast or video, depending on where you’re watching it. You can, and I recommend it, and I would appreciate it, actually, if you did. It allows me to reach more people towards my goal too, but the important thing is you’re having conversations that matter.

Even if you just turned to someone at lunch and say, “Hey, have I ever inspired you,” or, “What do you think I can do to inspire somebody else,” or, “What do you think somebody can do to inspire the world?” These are conversation openers and conversations that matter. It’s much better than, “Hey, how’s the weather,” or, “Did you see the Kardashians last night,” or whatever it is for you. Have a conversation that’s going to open up dialogue. These are easy things you could do.

What else could you do to inspire somebody else? Well, you could offer a service, something that you do. Maybe you have a gift. Maybe you’re an artist, and you could show somebody your painting and how to paint and inspire them to go after their own dreams.

If you’ve been listening to these daily growth hacks and you’ve been on this journey, I hope you’re on a journey to being the author of your own story, or you’re already there. I know when I started, I couldn’t find anybody doing it the way that I wanted to. Running multiple businesses, being a digital nomad, being able to coach and interact with people all over the world? I’m truly living my dream, and it’s because so many other people have inspired me along the way.

Now, that’s what I want for you. It’s a quick daily growth hack. Just go out and inspire someone. My hope for you is you’ll catch the bug like I have. You inspire someone else, and you’re giving them one thing, but you’re really receiving so much more, and you’ll enjoy it. I can guarantee it. Money-back guarantee on this one.

All right, that’s it for me today. Share this with at least three people, and have conversations that matter by building your tribe. As always, just go out and inspire someone simply by being yourself and simply by being the author of your own story.

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