Do you feel STUCK?

We get it.

That is why we have created an exclusive group for all of YOU who are committed and ready to create a life of fulfillment and freedom. 
This video is the fourth and final of the training series Create A Life On Your Terms. You can watch it without having gone through the series, but if you would like to go through it (highly recommended if you're serious about transforming your life) then you can get that here.
Are you tired of living a life that is just MEDIOCRE or FINE?
You feel deep down that there is something “more” in this life. Like you’ve been living on autopilot, and there is something BIGGER and BETTER calling YOU. Yet, you don’t know what that is or how to get there.

You watch the motivational videos, download the meditations, subscribe to the podcasts, and follow the inspirational Instagram accounts, but you still have that ever-present knowingness that you’re being called for more. That you’re not living as big as you are created for.

We’ve been there.

And we want you to know….

You are right.

There IS more.

You can have a life of limitless possibilities. Of untapped happiness. Of deep fulfillment.

It’s all here for you. 

But it won’t just come to you by hitting “subscribe” or “buy” to any program, meditation, or conference…. Instead, it comes from a series of CHOICES.
  Choosing a commitment to yourself.
  Choosing to do the work that is required.
   Choosing to release the ineffective stories and beliefs that no longer serve you.
   Choosing to step out of your comfort zone.
   Choosing to take new actions for new results
   Choosing to UPGRADE your current way of operating.
You see, your reality is a result of your thoughts and your beliefs. Of what is occurring in your internal operating system. Of what has been your ‘programming’ since you were little. 

When we believe we are unworthy of creating financial success in our lives (whether we are aware of this belief or not), guess what shows up? That’s right - a lack of financial success. 

When we believe we are undesirable and unworthy of creating intimate relationships (again…whether we are aware of this belief or not) guess what shows up? Attracting in the “wrong” people, creating “distance” within a relationship, and creating stories to keep you "safe".  

So then, how do we create the results we say we want and our soul is craving?

We get to dive deep into our internal operating system and get radically real with ourselves about what we are currently believing and make a conscious shift

When we are at this space, we become the authors of our own story. Where we begin to craft a life that is no longer based on the beliefs of our upbringing or the status quo set by our society. But a story that excites us and fulfills us. A story that WE WOULD WANT TO READ.

And the best part?

You don’t have to do it alone.
We know that one of the hardest parts about embarking on your personal growth journey is feeling like you’re doing it on your own. Feeling like you want guidance, you want support, and you want people who are on a similar journey to talk to.
That is why we have created this tribe.
To bring together those, just like you, who are committed to being the author of their own story. To living life on their own terms, and not on someone elses. 
What you can expect in this tribe.

1. Epic Connection

You will get to connect with people all over the world who are committed to living an epic life on their terms.

2. Exclusive Content.

We will be creating articles, courses, meditations, worksheets, and live webinars that can only be found in this group.

3. Customized Guidance.

We are dedicated to creating an environment with content and features that you actually want. We make it a priority to hear from you and find out where you are in life to cultivate the experience that will support you perfectly for where you are. 

4. Live Webinars.

This doesn’t hurt to mention twice. We host live webinars where we dive deep into topics that will transform your internal operating system and answer your questions in real-time.
Meet your Tribe Leaders

Doug Holt

I went from an overworked business owner to helping some of the most successful entrepreneurs and coaches build a life and business they love…

The truth is, I’ve always been both an entrepreneur and a coach, but I haven’t always had the freedom and life I’ve always dreamed of. Over 10 years ago, I asked myself some tough questions and came to the truth that I was living a life that many would deem as "ideal", and yet...I wasn't happy. 

I began a long journey of personal development courses, seminars, trainings, workshops, spiritual trips abroad, working one on one with coaches, and so much more. With all of that experience and knowledge I have been able to coach some of the most successful people one on one....but I wanted to do more. 

I wanted to create a space where anyone who desired to transform their life and was committed to doing the work could go and learn the tools without having to pay the high ticket price for one on one coaching. I wish something like this was around when I was on my personal growth I created it. 

I could not be more excited to have this group of men and women of all bakgrounds and all journeys come together with the one sole mission to be the authors of our own stories. 

I look forward to meeting you, when you get in the group please tag me in your welcome message so I can get to know you more.

Darcy Curry

I have been an introspective, adventure-seeking, people loving, spiritual, old soul since I was born (as far as I know...we would have to ask my mother for the exact timeline).

Because of this, I easily fell in love with the personal growth world over 5 years ago and have created a life on my terms. I have the ability to live wherever I want, travel as often as I want, and get to spend my days doing what I love - being an Intrapreneur (growing businesses from the inside without having to carry the stresses that business owners have). 

To say I love being around people would be an understatement. Nothing fills me up quite like having a deep, meaningful, inspiring conversation with someone. Something I have learned, especially while being able to work on my own, is how crucial it is to have a community of like-minded people. People who inspire you simply by them choosing to create their own story, people who are choosing to say no to the "good" because they are committed to the great, and people who will hold no judgement as they hear your story because they know we are simply all figuring it out along the way.

If we don't surround ourselves with others who are committed to growth and committed to living their best lives, then we have a limit to our growth. That is why we have created this group and why I am so passionate about bringing this community to people all over the world. 

It is time to invest in ourselves and create the life we not only want but deserve. 

See you on the inside :) 
Are you ready to INVEST in yourself and join an EPIC tribe that is committed to your fulfillment?
You are worth it.
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Doors to the tribe will open on December 27th.