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Just yesterday I was sitting in my office and my office is at home, and I was working away on a big project. We’re launching a huge program that we think is a game changer here. And as I was working on it, I have glass windows, glass doors, on my office and I looked outside and I heard the words, “Da-Da.” Now, I looked to my right and there was my young son smiling, and he was just gleaming from ear to ear. Now, I was so focused on this project. I was working hard and I wanted to get it through. Now, I could have easily stayed and worked on my project, and that was the first reaction that I had. My first reaction was, ah, that’s cute, back to work. Let’s get some focus time, maybe I’ll even close the drapes so I can just focus on this project.

And then it hit me, and it hit me really quickly because it’s something I work on, right? I work on these triggers and I work on them with my clients, so it’s always in my mind. I thought, why am I building this program? Well, I’m building this program for two reasons. One, is I think it’s going to make a huge impact on the world and help a lot of people. The second reason is I’m building this program because it’s going to allow me the revenue, the income that it’s going to produce to spend more time with my son. Well, wait a minute, why don’t I just do that now? And so, I just shut down my computer. I went outside and I wrestled with my son for an hour. It was so much fun. He was giggling so hard he was drooling. I was giggling, I was probably drooling. It was amazing. It was a miracle in time and space.

And so what I started to think about is, where else am I actually not focusing on what matters? In the area of my body for example, this is something that I’ve been really focusing on since being a new dad because I let myself slip a little bit, right? I’ve used the excuse of not sleeping. I go to the gym and I’ll work out, but I’m not working out as efficiently, and why am I doing it? Well, the real reason I’m exercising is not just to be healthy, because I’m actually really healthy, is I want to be able to play with my son more. So, I’ve turned my second workouts in the day to play times, right? So, I grab my son. I squat with him. I throw him in the air and I’m doing lunges with him, and he’s giggling. He has no idea that I’m getting a workout in.

So, it’s actually focusing on what matters is the key for me and compounding that time. So I’m going to ask you, what matters to you? Grab your journal, write out your Five to Thrive, and where are you not focusing on what matters in your mind, your body, your soul, your relationships, your business. Pick one of those, find out where you’ve diffused your focus and you aren’t focusing on what matters as much, and change course. Today’s the day and now is the time.

That’s it for me today. I will see you tomorrow. As always, share this with at least three people that you know and love and you think would have conversations that matters so you can build your tribe. I’ll see you tomorrow. Go out and be the author of your own story.

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