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Here I am along the beautiful river, and often times, if you’ve followed me on social media or got a chance to get to know me, you know this is exactly where my wife and I go to fill our cups. This is why we a lifestyle that allows us to travel. We’ve actually wrote this down many years ago, what kind of life do we really want? What are those areas that fill our cup, that really fill our soul? When we wrote these down, what came up was being by fresh water, being out in the mountains. And so we made that a reality.

Today I’m going to ask you this question. What are those things that fill your cup and how can you get one step closer to making it a reality where you can spend more time there? Again, for me, it was being outdoors, it was being in this amazing environment. It’s just absolutely gorgeous here. What I did is I made a strategic plan. I looked at my Five to Thrive, and in my areas, what could I do in my Five to Thrive that would get me one step closer to filling my cup more often? For me, being outdoors was the key.

In my mind, what I started to do is read and study how I could have more of a virtual lifestyle. In my body, I prepared myself for the conditioning that I’d like to have. In my soul, it was simply just being out here. In my relationships, I sat down with my wife and I made this a reality and I asked her, “Is this what you truly want? And if so, let’s move forward together.” In my business, I made sure that all of my businesses were able to be virtual. I actually got rid of my first office, then my second office, and moved all my staff and employees virtually. I had a strategic plan.

Today what I want you to do is figure out what fills your cup. Is there a particular scenery, is there a particular area that fills your cup? Or maybe it’s just an activity that you just love to do and you need to surround yourself with that activity more often. Well, write down in your Five to Thrive one thing you can do this week to actually move one step closer. This will allow you to be the author of your own story. Now, of course, if you want deeper dives, you want some more strategic planning around this, make sure you get in the Author of Your Own Story University. Make sure. We’re actually opening the doors up again February 1, so make sure you get on that waiting list and you do not want to miss out.

That’s it for me today. Go out and inspire someone and enjoy yourself by being the author of your own story.

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