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Today’s topic: Are you living in the world of OR or the world of AND.

Hi, I’m Doug Holt and this is your daily growth hack. For each day I give you a tip, trick, or daily insight to help you become the author of your own story. Now if you’re watching this from the video, you can tell that I’m actually in my adventure van. This is a 2016 Sprinter 4 X 4 extended that my wife and I converted into an actual RV / office that allows us to travel anywhere we want to go. And work remotely and play. Well besides that, the real story is: This morning I woke up and I had a dilemma. I say a dilemma because any time you’re stuck between two choices: this or that, it’s a dilemma. And so that’s what I mean when I say “Are you stuck in the world of war?” So what I could have done is sat at home, which I love my home, it’s absolutely beautiful, and worked on a course that I’ve been developing for entrepreneurs and businessmen. Now, this course that will only allow eight people and it’s $10,000 a person, and more importantly than just the revenue it brings me, it also brings me a lot of joy and passion. My passion is helping business owners and entrepreneurs with their dreams and I’ve been fortunate enough through a lot of hard work and trial and error of figuring out how to manage all my businesses remotely, and pretty much set them on autopilot. I love teaching other business owners how to do the same that way. That way I can do what I’ve just done.

So I had a choice so I can work on that or I can go snowboarding. It’s a beautiful day. Mount Bachelor is about 20 minutes from our home and so I can hop in the van, have all my gear in here, and get up there on the mountain to snowboard with my friends all day. So I have a dilemma: Do I work on this program that I’m passionate about, that I know can help a lot of entrepreneurs as well as bringing a lot of revenue for my business? Or do I go snowboarding? I chose option C. The option C was the third thing and that’s living in the world of AND. So what I chose to do is work on my program in the morning and then on the way up during that 20-minute drive, I was making phone calls to business owners who want to be in the program, to see if they qualify. Had some great conversations, met some great people that I didn’t really know that reached out to me on social media and really got a chance to know them to see if it was actually a good fit for them to be in my program. And then I got a chance to get some runs in with my friend. Mountain’s beautiful, it’s a bluebird day up here at Mount Bachelor. The snow is perfect so I was able to snowboard. And now on my way down, I’m able to record this daily growth hack for you. So had I chose to live in the world of OR, that’s the world I used to live in, maybe five six years ago, I would have probably stayed a home develop this program and really enjoyed doing the process of it but really thought that I was missing something with not be able to be with a few of my friends snowboarding on the mountain. Instead, I was able to live in the world of AND and make that quick transition with my thinking this morning and trying to figure out “hey, what is the third alternative here?” The third alternative for me was putting a few things aside, planning a little bit ahead, and being able to work on the program, talk to some amazing business owners, do some snowboarding, as well as do this daily growth hack for you that you’re listening to or watching right now.

So what I want to ask you is, “Look in your life in the terms of your mind, your body, your soul, your relationships, and your business. And where are you living? In the world of OR where you should be living in the world of AND?” So sometimes this could be in business, you could say “You know look, I can either fire Suzy or keep her on. Now if Suzy’s not working out and something’s going on, you know maybe you want to actually look at what is the third alternative here? Well, why is it Susie working? Maybe Susie’s not working because she’s not actually educated in her job. So maybe what you can do is keep
Susie on and educate her. Therefore, being able to fulfill all your goals and requirements in the business.

There’s also a million other areas of your life that you can work on whether you live in the world of AND. So what I want you to do for this week is in your journal every time you write the word OR, or if it comes up your vocabulary, write that sentence out, and replace it with the word AND. And ask yourself the question “Can I do both? Can I make this OR an AND?” You know should I go to the gym in the morning or should I pick up groceries for my family? Can I wake up just a little bit earlier to hit the gym and have my grocery list prepped? Therefore, when I get to the grocery store, I can actually pick up my groceries or have them already ready for me because a lot of grocery stores will prep them for you. So again, what I want you to do is look in your life and where in your life are you living in the world of OR versus AND. This is a powerful question and one I think will open your eyes to a lot of things that are unexpected in your life.

That’s it for today’s daily growth hack. I hope you’re living in the world of AND. So what I’d like you to do is go over to and sign up for our daily newsletter. We’re going to give tips and deeper insights to the ones I just gave you sent straight to your inbox every day AND I’d love for you to go over to our facebook community sign up there, join the conversation, and let us know what’s going on for you. Meet some interesting people, That’s it for me today. Make it a great day.

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