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Four days ago I had the honor of having a video conversation with a business owner, an entrepreneur. Now this conversation wasn’t as typical as I normally would have. See, I’ve known this person for a very long time, and two years ago they called me up on my phone and asked me for some basic business advice, which I gave to them happily, and I’m happy to do it for most people actually. Now, fast forward to today.

They called me and I knew something was up, something was going on. I could hear it in the tone of their request. Even though it was by chat, you can kind of tell, you know what I’m saying? when someone sends you a chat message, you can kind of get the tonality and the feeling behind the message. I took him through a brief introduction coaching session and when I have that coaching session, I do what’s called the wheel of life.

Now you settle different modifications and of course, I’m always talking about the five to thrive here, on the daily growth hacks, but on the wheel of life, I’ve expanded a little bit. Actually, I have eight sections and there’s a lot of reasons I do that, but in that section I had him say, “Hey, on a scale of one, or it was actually zero, to 10, where are you in each area of your life?”

Now this man was a magnificent person. A great father, a great husband, a great friend, and a good business person, but on his scale, on his wheel, he had mostly threes, fours, and fives in almost all areas of his life. Now by any stretch of the imagination, right? 30, 40, 50% fulfillment in your life is just sad. I’m sorry to say, and he’ll be watching this and I’m using him as an example only because we’ve all been there right?

See, what happened was, Well, he called up looking for some basic advice. He took my advice and started working, but only weeks later did he fizzle out. He fizzled out on what he was working on and just stopped. Then would not to start again maybe six, nine months later, and fizzle and start again and just fop, and this time the people around him were frustrated with him. They were tired of him talking about his dreams, talking about how he was going to help all of these people.

He had a great business idea, and it would help a lot of people out there, millions of people possibly, but he kept starting and stopping. The reason was is his why wasn’t solid enough. I did what I typically do with a coaching client and I took him through a process I call the 90-day game. We gamified his life, we actually took his life and made it into a game.

I’m happy to say, four days later I just got a text message from him and he said, “I’ve already got people in my pilot program, it’s up and running and it starts on Monday.” Here you’re watching this on Super Bowl Sunday here in the United States, or listening to me. If you’re listening to the day this is released, how amazing. In four days, he did more than he had done in two years, only because he had more direction.

What we did wasn’t magical. Yeah, I have years of coaching experience and as a mentor for people and business owners, and I know how to cut to the chase and get people to where they need to go, but my secret really is simple. I helped him identify what he really wanted, get really clear on why he wanted it, and then I helped him gamify it. At the end of each day, just like if you watch the Super Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday, how do you know who won? At that end of the game, how do you know the winner? You look at the scoreboard.

What we did is we made it a game for him. By the end of each day, at the end of each week, at the end of each month, and the end of each quarter, he would know if he was winning or losing. Every day he went home and made sure he put a win, a W in the checkbox for himself. Now I’m getting text messages telling how happy, how amazed he is. Again, compressing two years of time, two years of just guilt, frustration, worry, of not getting where he wanted to go, in four simple days.

That’s the power of having somebody come in from the outside. It’s also the power of really getting to know your why. Why are you doing what you’re doing? Yeah, tactics are great and tactics are helpful. I’m not downplaying the tactics, but you need to have the mental clarity and headspace to move forward with tactics otherwise, you’ll fizzle out.

What I’m telling you today is I want you to grab your five to thrive. Your mind, your body, your soul, your relationships and your business, and where are you starting and stopping toward your goals and dreams? Then when you ask yourself, when you’ve written that down, and I want you to do the work. When you’ve written that down, right, and we all have areas where we’ve done this in the past, so don’t look at me and I know I do, so I’m sure you do too, just because I don’t say I, I have nothing, we all do. We’re all guilty of this to some degree.

Where have you done this that you still want to move forward with? Then what I want you to say is, why did you want that goal? What is your real why? Then how do you clarify a win right? How do you know at the end of the day that you’ve won? That you’re working towards this goal and you actually have a win?

Look, if you want more clarity around this, reach out. Reach out to me on social media, happy to do an example 30 or 90-day game for you. Maybe if we have a group, I’m happy to do that too. As the Author of Your Own Story group, I’d love for you to be more involved. Go out there, build your community, respond to people’s messages, help them on their journey. That’s what this is all about and that’s why I started these daily growth hacks, right?

I committed to doing 365 and here we are in the 200’s of episodes. By the end of this year, I would have done at least 365 of these. That was my goal. The reason is, I had a why. The reason was when I started my journey years ago, when I started the Author of Your Own Story concept and path in 2007, there was no one really there to help me. I hadn’t seen anybody doing this, living a life this way. I read about it, but no one was telling me how, and that’s why I started this show because I wanted to give simple little short tips, under 10 minute mostly, that people could do each and every day to get them one step closer to their path.

I’d love to help you and I’d love to help you even more, so make sure you get on that community. It’s on Facebook, so if you’re on Facebook just go ahead and dive right in, but join the conversation. So much of the stuff that we talk about here in these daily growth hacks, it’s about doing the work.

You see, this man that I’m talking about, this business owner who compressed two years of worry and just hellish life, into four days of greatness, right? Boom, he had broken through the barrier with just one simple call. One simple clarity communication call.

Now I want that for you and that’s all about doing the work. That’s it for me today, go out inspire somebody by being the Author of Your Own Story and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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