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Have you ever flown into the wrong airport?

I just did.

Never knew how people could do something like this, but now I do.

As I sit here typing this at a coffee shop outside London, I’m struck with the irony that I also happen to be reading a book titled “The Surrender Experiment.”

When I booked my tickets, the email came back with “London/Heathrow” as I had expected. What I didn’t do was check the actual tickets. They showed “London/Gatwick”.

People were traveling from the US, other parts of Europe, and all over the UK to be at a retreat – and the location was picked so it would be easy for me to get there from the airport. No other reason.

Now here I am.

Sitting somewhere else.

Smiling as I sip my coffee and laugh at the mistake.


Is this divine intervention? Or just a lack of attention to detail?

I don’t know, but I lean towards the later.

Either way, I chose to surrender and enjoy the moment.

That’s all we have really – the moment.

What else do I get to surrender today?

What about you? What do you get to let go of that you cannot change?

It’s an interesting experiment to surrender. It takes massive control to let go of control.

I wonder what it would have been like if I would have completely surrendered when employees, friends, stole from me?

I wonder what it would have been like if would have completely surrendered the countless times I felt like my back was against the wall in my business?

I wonder what it would have been like to surrender when a loved one lied?

I think life would have been more peaceful.

Then again, all we have is this moment, and that’s in the past, so in this moment, I chose surrender… and to always double check my travel plans.

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