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I’m afraid of failing…

I’m afraid what others will think of me…

I’m afraid what my wife will think of me…

I’m afraid what my son will think of his father who didn’t do all he set out to do…

What kind of example will I be to others if I fail?

I’m afraid of failing…

Most of us are, but we don’t talk about it because that would be taboo.

Our fears can control our thoughts, our actions, and our behaviors – consciously and unconsciously.

Yet, if we don’t identify those fears and accept them in order to let them go, then we’re simply walking through life like a drone – giving up our power to unconscious thoughts and ways of being… because we’re scared to face them.

Yup, I’m afraid of failing…

… but I know that, and it allows me to take risks in a big way and gives me power where it once drained me.

What are you afraid of?

Take control of your power and embrace your fears.

The good stuff in life tends to happen right outside our comfort zone… in the fear… and when we get there, we realize it was all made up in our heads anyway.

Here are 3 things you can do today:

1. Identify a fear that charges you up. A fear that you don’t want to mention out loud to a co-worker.

2. Do a fear inventory. This is step #4 in the 12-Step program in AA. It works. I do it differently as I’ve never been to AA and one of my coaches showed it to me. I’ll write up a more extended description if you want to see it (just let me know).

3. Share your fear. Once it’s out there, it can’t control you as much. This doesn’t mean it goes away, but you can flip the script and stop letting fear run the show. Stop being a victim to your fear and start writing your own story. You’re the author of your own story, so you might as well write a good one.

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