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Today’s topic is imperfect action beats perfect inaction every time.

Now, about two years ago I came up with the Author of Your Own Story concept, and the reason I came up with this is I really wanted to make a bigger impact. I had people asking me how I was living the lifestyle that I was living, and how I was able to develop the businesses that I had and do all those things that I was doing. It seemed impossible to them and I knew it wasn’t. We can all do that. But what I also recognized is that by answering these questions every day, on a one-on-one basis, I really couldn’t affect as many people as I truly wanted to.

You see, it’s my mission to affect, positively, 1 million people across the world and I knew that the best methodology for doing this two years ago was simply video. Video and audio formats, as well as a website, that could produce the content and share it with the masses. Now, I also knew that I didn’t know anything about video and so I consulted with some of my clients, who are some of the top videographers and photographers in the world, and they gave me excellent advice. They told me which lights to buy, which cameras, and they actually offered to shoot some of the videos for me. You know what, I spent so much time trying to get it perfect, that took me two years to get here today, just to shoot the videos. The lighting wasn’t right, I wasn’t fit enough at the time, or I thought, maybe, you know next year will be better or next month will be better. Or I need a better microphone.

If you’re watching this via video, you can already tell that the lighting still isn’t right. It just isn’t, and I don’t even know how to do it. If you’re listening to this, you know, the audio isn’t perfect. None of it is perfect. In fact, the first video I shot for the daily grow hacks, I sent to a friend of mine as a professional photographer and videographer, he’s awesome and he gave me some really great feedback. He said, “Doug, your camera angle is wrong. I don’t like seeing the microphone. It’s too busy in the background. The lighting’s off, and it doesn’t make you look flattering.” Well, I went right back to my old thought process of how “I’ll fix all this, then I’ll shoot the videos.”

But then almost immediately, it clicked in me, and I said “You know what? Imperfect action is going to be perfect inaction every time. And this is the time to change.” Now, I look at this methodology across all my five to thrive: mind, body, soul, relationship, as well as my business. I look at areas that I’m stopping them because I’m waiting for it to be perfect.

I’m going to ask you to do the same thing. go ahead and write down in your journal or a piece of paper your five areas (or what I call your five to thrive). In each of those areas, I want you to write down two to three things right now that you’re holding off until it’s the right time until it’s the right moment. Maybe the economy needs to get better, maybe your relationship that has to be better, or maybe you need to get fitter. Whatever it is for you, we all make up these excuses. I still do it too. It’s just a matter of catching yourself.

Write those down in all of your five areas. Once you’ve got that, what I want you to do is list at least three action steps that you could take right now in those areas. So, for example, let’s say that I’m looking for a new relationship. Now, I’m not. I’m happily married, but I’ll use this as an example because I can think of a friend right now who talked about this with me. They’re looking for a new relationship, but you know they need to get in better shape. You know a little bit more income would help as well. It’s just not the right time, but they really want a partner. Now in this instance: What could they do? Well, they can write it down, they can go join a gym today. They can lace up their shoes, and go for a walk. They could join a dating site, or go to a community event a church, or go to meet-up and find things that they love to do. There are so many things that can be done right now rather than putting it off. Don’t do what I did. Do it today and make sure you’re becoming the author of your own story.


That’s it. I’d love to hear your comments in our community. Also remember go to we will get the latest tips, tricks, as well as an opportunity to take one of our courses. Or sign up to get the daily teachings delivered directly to your inbox. That’s it for today. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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