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Do you catch your mind consistently wandering when trying to tackle an important task? Tend to be easily distracted when you are in a productive mode? Find yourself multitasking on activities that do not necessarily relate to each other?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, it is time you work on improving your focus. The amount of focus and willpower you have is not a static quality. These characteristics can be trained and improved with hard work and dedication. Eban Pegan has come up with three C’s to help manage your focus and attention.

Clean Focus

Only focusing on one thing at a time. Multitasking may seem like a more efficient use of your time, but each task you add pulls away attention and focus from the others. This approach is antagonistic in nature: each task takes longer to complete, the results are not products of your best abilities, and this mental marathon drains your focus and willpower quickly and detrimentally.

Clean Cuts

Push things out of your mind that you have already focused on or need to focus on. These thoughts are distracting and can cause you to lose important trains of thought or work ethic momentum.

Change Channels

You should spend your day working different aspects of your mind. If you focus on only one or two things, your mind will tire out and leave you unhappy. Change channels between physical, social, mental, and emotional tasks. Examples include: lifting weights, chatting with a friend, reading, and making love with your partner, respectively.

Check out Egan Pegan’s video for more detail on these three tips.

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