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This morning I was reading about a woman who was waiting until she got older in order to be herself.

She wanted to wait until her career had run its course so she wouldn’t rock the boat and lose face.

She wanted to wait until her kids were out of the house so they didn’t express that they were embarrassed by her.

She wanted to wait to share her thoughts with her co-workers… I mean, what if they laughed at her?

So, she waited… out of fear.

Or, perhaps, this very same woman recognized her fear and chose to say “So what?”

“So what if my co-workers laugh at what I say? If they laugh, they’ll be laughing at me, not my fake representative.”

“So what if my kids get embarrassed because I decide to wear hats – I like hats and they’ll get over it. Kids get embarrassed over everything their parents do.”

“So what if people think that writing a fiction book will harm my career? I’m a whole person, not just my work.”

So what!

So, she started her book, she wore the hats she loved, and yes, the kids were embarrassed, but they got over it quickly. She started to speak her mind and share her thoughts, and a few people laughed, but everyone got to know her – the real her. And they loved it.

So… what?

Today’s learning – identify on thing you’d love to do, but have been holding back out of fear. It could be writing a book, expressing yourself through your clothes, taking a dance class, practicing your Spanish when ordering your food, or even starting that business you’ve always dreamed of starting. Whatever it is, and we all have something … do it today!

What’s mine? Sharing lessons like these on Facebook.

What’s yours? There’s power in identifying your fear and then sharing it. It no longer rules the show… it’s exposed.

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