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If you’re watching this on video, you can see I’m out in the middle of nowhere with my family snowshoeing, having an absolute blast on a Friday morning. Now, if you’re listening to this, just picture a picturesque mountain pine snow-filled hillside where we are actually trekking through and you can probably hear our little baby here with me. He’s happy to be here.

Today’s thought and insight, what I want you to do is look at your journal. Grab your five to thrive, and where are you delaying gratification? Where in your life are you delaying doing stuff like this? Taking time off to fill your soul, whether it be getting outdoors like I like to do with my family, spending time with your family, or doing something else that fills you up. What I want you to do is write down your five to thrive, and find those areas.

Is there an area in your five to thrive that you’ve been waiting on to actually have some gratification in your life and to fulfill your soul? Then, what I want you to do, you grab your schedule, schedule that out today. Make yourself a priority. That’s it for me today, I’ll see you tomorrow. As always go to, where you get the latest tips, tricks, and techniques delivered right to your inbox and even on your smartphone, so when you’re out here enjoying this beauty, you can also be up-leveling. Take care.

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