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Manifestation is an interesting word.

I’ve heard it a lot when the movie The Secret came out. This was because it was trendy and popular. The term seemed to die off a bit and I was fine with that.

Once again the word seems to have sprung back to life, but more likely, it’s the books I’m reading and the people I’m hanging out with that is the real cause of me hearing and seeing this word over and over.

Or is it something else?

As I think about this, I realize that’s all manifestation really is – thinking.

It’s creating an intention (a thought) and then placing your attention on that thought.

Athletes and performers have been doing this a long time – centuries I’d guess. They imagine the perfect game or perfect performance and rehearse that move, shot, or speech over and over and over again.

I do this often when I speak in public, though it’s usually while lying in bed or the shower, the fact remains that I set my intention and then put my attention onto the outcome. I guess you could say I manifest it.

The more I coach people and get coached, I realize that like all things in life, our personal development comes down to the basics. It often requires you to go through complicated processes to break it down to the basics first, but in the end, it’s the basics that give you most of your results.

So if manifesting comes down to your thoughts, then how often are you paying attention to the thoughts going on in your head throughout the day?

Perhaps more importantly, what are the thoughts that you keep thinking, or saying, that you repeat over and over again?

“I’m fat.”
“I’m tired.”
“I’m sick of being broke.”
“I’ll never find a partner.”
“He doesn’t get me.”
“I’m not good enough.”

If I were to “listen in,” what would I predict about your future?

Bonus points if you share this with someone else. Getting it out helps set you free and helps you put attention on changing your intention.

Manifest away. ?

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