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Self-appreciation is also called self-love. Often times, when working with a client, this is something that I see missing. We all think “I love myself, I like myself, that’s all good, Doug.” But I can tell you right now, I have a lot of clients that pay me a lot of money to help them break through barriers to up-level their lives. The reason this works is that I am able to look past them and see the love or missing elements within themselves. Often times, the first things I have them do, is really assess their level of self-appreciation. Often times if you’re listening to this, you’re someone like me, someone that really likes personal development. Developing one’s self, and that’s great, but your personal development project needs to be smaller than your self-appreciation project.

I encourage you to have a self-appreciation project. What do I mean? What I mean is having an actual system of the project where you’re making sure you’re appreciating yourself. It’s not only yourself today, but also forgiving yourself from the past. That could be something as simple as “I didn’t go running this morning”, and allowing yourself grace and forgiveness. We tend to beat ourselves up over and over again. We beat ourselves up so much that there is no way we would do that to another person who is our friend. Isn’t that crazy? We’re the one person we spend the most time with, and yet we expect ourselves to grow, but we are not appreciating ourselves.

Now, if you’re married and you have a spouse, you know that if you’re not appreciating your spouse, they’re not going to stick around for very long. That’s true for yourself. You have to appreciate not only your current self, but also your former self, and give that forgiveness. Today, I’m going to encourage you to go into your journal, look back, and look at your self-improvement and self-appreciation. Have more depth and more time dedicated to each. Develop your own self-appreciation project. That could be as simple as giving yourself gratitude 5 times a day. Being grateful for things that you’ve done in the past: wins, accomplishment, and things you’re doing now.

You’re listening to this podcast. You’re making sure you up-level your life. Most people don’t do this. This makes you the top 1% of the world. Give yourself credit. Be here every day. Make your self-appreciation project bigger than your personal development project. I can guarantee you to wins in all areas of your life: business, relationships, body, mind, spirit.

Take care of yourself. Love each other, but also make sure to love yourself.

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See you tomorrow.

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