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Solving a simple problem, like lighting a candle, can be solved with a simple solution: striking a match and touching it to the candlewick. Attempting to solve a complex problem with a simple solution does not work in the same way. Often times, attempting to solve a complex problem with a simple solution ends up causing another problem which needs another solution. You end up with an endless loop of problems and solutions. Ed Muzio explains a seven-step process to tackling these complex problems.

  1. Define the problem
  2. Collect data pertaining to the problem
  3. Analyze the cause
  4. Plan and implement a solution using the information from the above steps
  5. Evaluate your efforts
  6. Standardize your solution to fit similar problems
  7. Evaluate the process/system you have created

For more information and examples of this seven-step process, check out Ed Muzio’s video.

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