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Shipping off to war.

I’ve never done it, but after talking to friends of mine that have, they’ve told me what I’ve suspected – they get their affairs in order before departing.

They don’t know if they’re coming back or not.

They take the time to tell each family member that they love them – not casually, but from the heart.

They make sure to tie up any loose ends in their life and those that have businesses of their own, they make sure that their staff knows what to do without them. They make sure they’re not the stopping block in the process.

What if we lived each day in this manner? Not with the fear of dying, but with the sense of urgency to make sure each day our affairs are in order?

What would life look like?

How would you talk to your loved ones?

How would you prepare your employees to run the business without you?

If you weren’t sure you’d be back tomorrow, would you let petty issues and comments get to you? Or, would you just let things roll off your back?

Take a moment to write down how you’d live today if you weren’t sure or not if/when you were coming back.

This process will help you get clarity around your priorities.

The next step is to put that clarity into action.

Let those around you know how much you love and appreciate them.

Don’t sweat the small stuff… and remember, it’s all small stuff.

Live your own story.

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