[SOUL] INTERVIEW | Overcoming Trauma with Gina Johnson

Imagine this.

You’re a parent of 3 kids, you’re training for a marathon, you live a healthy lifestyle, and all of a sudden…you have a heart attack.

What kind of place would that put you mentally?

Well, this is exactly what Gina Johnson experienced.

While being in the hospital for a few days after learning she had a heart condition, Gina quickly found that there was little conversation happening online around what she experienced and how to navigate it.

This inspired Gina to take matters into her own hands and create a podcast where she not only spoke with people who had a similar experience but where she talked about the deeper mindset and emotional shifts that occur when you experience something traumatic.

Gina has created a successful coaching business, is the host of a successful business, and is doing some incredible top secret work in her community.

This interview will inspire you to get off the sidelines and jump in fully!