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Now, I’m still traveling and experiencing the Author of My Own Story lifestyle. Now, while traveling, I’m still able to coach my clients. These are high-level people. These are people that have been extremely successful in all areas of their life at one time or another, and typically have most of their stuff together. Now I share this with you, only to emphasize the fact that having this conversation I had with somebody, this person was an extremely successful business person, as well as family man. What he was finding he was doing was he was getting tired. He was getting disconnected from his family, the people that he was around. What was happening as he was busy taking care of everyone else, and not taking care of himself. Sure, he had actually a great life. He was doing some workouts. He was doing all the things on paper, but he wasn’t feeding his soul. After doing a little research and talking to him, what really was happening is he was busy making sure everyone else was okay, and not living his own life, life on his own terms. He was extremely successful, yet what he was doing was making sure his staff was taken care of before he was.

Now, in a lot of leadership books, we’re taught this is the way to go. The leader eats last, and I actually subscribe to this theory, but only when the leader is eating very, very well because if the leader is starving, the leader actually can’t leave. The leader can’t help his staff or his team or his followers to the promised land and actually take them to grow. Leaders who are taking care of themselves first are able to show up in a bigger way for their staff, for their family, for their friends, and for everybody else around them. Now, for this particular individual, what he was doing was making sure everybody else was taken care of, and then he had himself last. He was going to make sure that he can live his dreams after he took care of everyone else’s. What was happening more and more was that the people were leaning on him? They were not actually trying to figure a thing out themselves because they knew, hey, he’ll take care of it. Let’s just call him Rick.

They would say something like, “Hey, Rick’ll take care of it. Let’s just give the job to Rick.” Or, “Huh, I don’t know how to do this. Rick knows how to do it.” This started happening with his friends, his family, all of his staff members to the point where he was working himself to death. What happened is at least once every two weeks he’d almost have to take a complete day off work and just kind of lay in bed or overly caffeinate himself and try to push through, which never worked. After uncovering this, what I want to ask you is how many of you are parents, and you’re not taking care of yourself first? Or how many of you are in a relationship where you’re constantly trying to take care of the other person while not feeding your own cup? As business owners, how often are we doing this as well? We’re making sure our staff is taken care of, while not delegating and having the trust in them to actually finish and follow through. Remember, delegate but verify, and this doesn’t mean you do all the work yourself.

So what I want you to do is really simply in your five to thrive, where are you not filling your own cup and filling up everybody else’s? Where are you taking care of other people and worried about what other people are doing rather than just taking care of yourself first? Where are you not taking care of you? What I want you to do right away is calendar that out. Is it your body? If it’s your body, what I want you to do is schedule a workout first thing in the morning. It’s the first thing we want to do. We talked about the 90-91. Now, for that 90-91, if a previous daily growth act, which you’ll see right here, what I want you to do is go ahead and take that 90-91 is and apply it to this area of your life where you’re not filling your own cup first. Now, once you have this, you have it calendared in, I want you to execute. What I’m sure you’re going to find, just like most people and clients that I work with, is when you actually take this one thing and focus on it and fill your cup up first, you’re able to help other people in a much greater way, because you show up as a better man, a better woman, and as the author of your own story.

That’s if for me today. As always, go to where you get more tips, tricks, and techniques delivered right to your inbox. Have a great day. Remember to go out and be the Author of Your Own Story.

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