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The dreaded 404 error.

This is the error you get on your screen when you click on a link and it takes you to a dead end – a page on a website that doesn’t exist.

This is frustrating, but at least you get an easy to recognize error message.

In business, this 404 error shows, but it doesn’t show up as clearly to the untrained eye and so, most business owners keep moving forward until it’s too late. This results in undue stress, anxiety, and the feeling of being stuck without knowing what to do.

These errors come up if other areas of our lives as well or course, but are often ignored. They tend to be the most painful in our relationships and often deadly in our health.

Just like a website, we all need constant maintenance to ensure we’re operating at our best. Someone to not only check for the errors and clean them up but to teach us how to do it ourselves so that we may become masters of our own domain.

When’s the last time you went through your business, relationships, health, or spiritual being to clean up your 404 errors?

Isn’t a good time… now?

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