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Now, this is going to be a quick tip but I want you to write this in your journal: What if life wasn’t happening to you but was actually happening for you?

Let me say it again and I want you to write this down, now obviously if you’re working out as many of you are when you listen to these, or driving, you can verbally pause this and answer the question. What if life was happening for you and was not happening to you? Now I said that a different way, right? So what if, instead of life happening to you, it was happening for you, right? Three times, same question just said in a different way because sometimes that sinks in a little bit better.

Now this is a quick tip and I’m going to leave it at that but this mindset can completely alter your life. Right? Completely change everything that you do and the way that you perceive your world, which is going to allow you to have more passion, more meaning and a quicker path to the author of your story lifestyle and that’s what I want for you. This is your story and I want you to write it well and live into it. You can be the hero because what if, life wasn’t happening to you but was actually happening for you? How exciting would that be?

That’s it for me today, as always share this with three people that you want to have conversations that matter with and make sure you go to, get on that newsletter and if you want to have techniques like this, deeper conversations with people who are jet propulsion, like trajectory towards the Author of Your Own Story lifestyle, of ahead and apply for the Author of Your Own Story University. That way you can actually have these conversations and these deep dives in a systematic way. You can learn more about what the university is all about.

I will see you tomorrow. Remember go out and inspire someone by being the Author of Your Own Story.

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