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The hurts. The offenses. The actions that injure. Even thoughtless abuse from sources beyond our control is stored inside us chemically and spiritually. It becomes a toxic hindrance to moving forward in healing.

The parts of our being are inextricably combined; soul to body to mind to emotions. One cannot be addressed without the others also being affected. Which is why it is so important to remember to care for every slice of ourselves so that every slice is able to be healthy.

To heal, we strip away the spiritual toxin of resentment which means we have to go to the root of the problem. We must “unpack” all the baggage we’ve acquired. There are boxes, suitcases, and even little carry-ons of baggage to be thoughtfully opened and sorted. Which things should be kept for practical use, what should be let go of, what should be destroyed, and what should be filed away under, “Things I Learned”.

Only unpack what you are ready to take care of. Once you begin you can take your time in the process, but once you start it’s started! Prepare for experiences that only the healing of unpacking can bring to you. Revelations through healing that will change you forever.

What bags are lurking in the corners of your soul that need to be unpacked? Are some of them hurts inflicted by others? Are some labeled things like “guilt” and “shame” that need a little extra attention? Are you ready to start the practice of deliberately sorting through all these bags to heal and live with more peace?

I hope that you’ll be patient with yourself and allow yourself grace and time as you work through. I hope that you’ll offer forgiveness and compassion to those that added to your baggage.  I hope that you’ll find the quiet and rest that comes with unpacking the baggage.

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