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This is a game I play with myself and with my clients.

This game had played out for me in my personal and business life many times. In fact, my family has been sick for the past week, so between taking care of them, managing my energy, and working, I’ve only had limited time in various areas of my life.

So, how does this game go?

It’s simple really. You pick an area of your life that’s important to you such as business, though this is an excellent exercise for relationships as well.

Then you ask yourself these two key questions:

If I only had 4 hours each day to work on my business, what would I do with that time?

You only get those 4 hours and no more. What do you do to maintain or grow your business? Write those answers down.

These are the items you get to focus on each day, and I recommend doing them first.

Now, the game I play is more intense. It goes like this: What would you do if you only had 4 hours each week to grow your business?

This is a tougher question to answer, but if you want to be a business owner rather than an operator, then this is a question you get to master.

These 4 hours are the things you want to do first thing in the day at the beginning of the week unless of course, they need to be done in timed intervals, but my guess is even those can be batched.

If you answer these questions and feel with confidence that your answers will help you grow your business, then the final question (I know I said there were only 2) is: Am I using the rest of my time effectively or is it using me?

I hope this brings you clarity. I’d love to hear your answers to these questions if you’re brave enough to share.

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