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So what’s your theme? What’s your theme for this month, this quarter, this year? See my theme is posted right on my wall in front of me, so I can see it each and every day. Now the theme for 2018 for me, is epic growth and adventure. I drive through that theme, everything that I’m doing.

For example, right after shooting this Daily Growth Hack, my family and I are going for a hike. It’s snowing outside but it’s going to be beautiful, by a river, I already know it’s going to be so much adventure. We’re taking our little guy, it’s going to be so much fun.

And then growth. I started my morning off reading, influencing my mind. Really getting my body and my soul ready for the day so I could go out and have fun.

Now it’s still the morning while I’m actually filming this for you, but the rest of my day is going to be filled with epic growth and adventure with my family. And that’s what I love, and that is my theme. And so every time a decision comes across my plate, I look at it with that lens.

My question to you is, what is your theme? What is your theme for the rest of this quarter, or the rest of this year? Now for some of my clients, I have them have themes in different areas of their five to thrive. So the theme in your business could be different than the theme in your relationships. But what I like to compose, is an overall arching theme.

Epic growth and adventure is my theme, and I let that spill over into all categories in my five to thrive. So in my mind, I’m doing things that in the growth phase are going to really push me and allow me to go outside my comfort zones.

In the area of my body, I want adventure. So I’m doing things outside that are working my body. I’m starting to go through the Wim Hof training, cold exposure. Pretty crazy.

And then in my soul, what am I doing there? Where is that growth and expansion? And is it epic, because I want it to be epic. I don’t want to look back a year from now and be like, “Jeez, what did I do with that year?” I want to look back and go, “Wow, I can’t believe I achieved all that I achieved. I affected so many people and were able to help them.”

And then in my relationships, am I growing? Am I having adventures with my wife and my relationships, and in my friendships? The answer is absolutely.

And then my business, we are having epic growth in my business. Our coaching business is growing epically. Author of Your Own Story, the university, is growing. The agencies, everything that I’m doing, it’s growing epically and we’re going out on adventures. We go into our team meetings with the idea that we’re kind of like Indian Jones, exploring, trying to find new tactics, tricks and things that we can do to really up level, not only ourselves but our clients.

So I ask you, right here right now, what is your theme for 2018, and what is your theme for this quarter in your areas? Reach out to me, I’d love to hear from you as always. And of course, share this with at least three people that you think would enjoy getting this message.

That’s it for me today, I will see you tomorrow. Go out and inspire someone simply by being the Author of Your Own Story.

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