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7 Days to Becoming the Author of Your Own Story

This course is all about becoming the Author of Your Own Story. If your life were a book – would you want to read it? We are here to help you create a life that you LOVE, a life that is ON PURPOSE, and a life that feels ALIGNED. So many of us walk around living a life that others wanted for us…and this course will get you started on your journey of creating an EPIC life that excites you every day.

Author of Your Own Story Team

Course Description

This course is designed to walk you through one week of jump starting your journey to becoming the author of your own story. Every day, you will go through a lesson that contains videos, exercises, and calls to action. We were very intentional with how we designed this course and ask that you make a commitment to yourself by showing up to the lessons and exercises fully. To gain support along the way, we ask that you join our community and use the hashtag #7dayayscourse any time you have a question, a breakthrough you wish to share, or a comment.

We honor your commitment to yourself and your growth journey and look forward to hearing all about your experience!


  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • A quiet space
  • An open mind ready to dive deep

What I Will Learn

  • Discovering your purpose and why it’s important
  • The five to thrive – the five categories to focus on in your life
  • The wheel of balance
  • How you can get clear with yourself and your desires
  • Know your WHY
  • Your 30-day game and how to accomplish your goals with soul and purpose


  • Over 25 videos
  • Over 7 exercises
  • Access to the AYS Course Group
  • Plus a gift after completion



What If You Could Transform Your Life For The Better In Just 90 Days?

This Program Is TRULY Like No Other​


And Start Your Journey to Success!