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Today’s topic is balance.

Throughout my life, my balance has been up, down, or all around, as it is for almost all of us. It’s a topic that is talked about in both personal development, self-help, business, and even religious courses. Balance is just critically important to human nature. We all know it, but often times we’re just out of balance. I certainly have been. There have been times in my life when I’ve been so focused on relationships that my business or personal goals have gone to the sidelines. Or I’ve been so focused on my health and fitness, that actually my relationships have suffered. Or perhaps my spirituality or my mental development. I know for me, as an athlete growing up, physical fitness was always extremely important. Now, this ended up helping my relationships but my spirituality actually suffered. That’s where I put on the wayside. So I was really out of balance and not really feeling fulfilled.

So something we talked about a lot in Author of Your Own Story is called the “Wheel of Balance.” And, so what I want you to do, and we talked about this a lot more in depth, if you’d like to go over to and check that out. It’s available in our free 7-day course on how to become the author of your own story. But real quick, I want to talk about just laying out that wheel about balance.

So, what I’d like you to do, if you have the time right now, is draw a large circle on a piece of paper, so make it about, you know, about six inches in diameter. Now, once you have that circle, I want you to divide it up into five equal pie pieces. So, you’re going to go ahead and make a line and divide it up into five equal parts, and then starting at the center of that circle, put a zero, and then make a hash mark on each line going from one to ten. So, the first hash mark going out of the center of the circle would be a number one, the second hash mark would be number 2, 3, etc. And that’s the final end of the circle where you actually drawn the circle. That last line, make that the number 10. Now, as you can imagine this wheel here so to speak is going to be like a wheel on a car. Now, imagine if that wheel’s rolling around and it’s full, and everything is great. You’re going to have a smooth ride through life and this is what we want for you.

But often times, this isn’t the case. So, what I want you to do in each of those five wedges that you have, I want you to write down a different word. So, the first one I want you to write the word “mind,” then the second wedge, go ahead, and put “body” then the third, put “soul,” for the fourth, we’re going to put “relationships,” and for the fifth you’re going to put “business.”

Now, if you’re not involved in business or don’t have one, go ahead and put goal to something in your life that’s really driving you or you’re striving towards. I should say now that in each of those areas, I want you to think about it so in the area of mind, “How are you progressing right now how balanced are you with your mind with that what does that mean to you? Are you reading every day? Are you developing your mind? Are you strengthening your skills?” For a lot of people, let’s say that’s maybe it’s a six. Maybe you’ve kind of neglected it since school. You haven’t really done your own educational program. Maybe, the daily grow hack is bringing you up, so maybe it’s a seven or eight. Go ahead and make a line right on that hashtag from seven and connect it to the other seven. So, again, if you have a wedge coming through there, that seven is going to connect.

If you’re listening to this on audio, again, just go over to www, and you can find that wheel balance on there. You can see exactly what I’m talking about. Again, you’re going to do this for the next one. So, go ahead and do this for “body.” Now, the body is obviously health. Are you working out? Are you having a green smoothie every morning like I recommended? Are you drinking a glass of water when you wake up? Are you taking care of your health and fitness? Maybe it’s a 10 and that’s fantastic. Maybe it’s a 2. Maybe you’re just starting this journey. I don’t know, whatever it is for you, that’s okay. But go ahead and connect those lines connect those hashtags.

Now, we’re going to move on to the soul. Where are you with your spirituality? Whatever that means to you, maybe it’s meditation, maybe it’s going to church or maybe synagogue. whatever it is to you, go ahead and rate yourself on a scale of one to ten on where you are with that.

Then, of course, relationships now. This could be relationships with a significant other, a partner, friends, family. We’re going to take relationships as a whole. Again, we’re going to rate that from a scale one to ten. Go ahead and connect those hash marks.

And then, we’re going to go on lastly for number five, which is going to be your business. Again, if you’re maybe a student, your business is being a student. So, how are you going towards the goal or achieving that goal that you really set yourself for? If you’re not a student and you’re not in business, maybe it’s something else that you want. If you want to buy a house, whatever it is, for you pick that major goal, and mark there. How balanced are you? Are you actually working towards that? Is your business thriving? Are you getting A’s in school? What is your focus there? Go ahead and connect that dot as well.

So, now you should have this big circle with the five wedges that almost look like pizza wedges and then lines connecting the wedges together. They’re all going to be all over the place. of course right? So, the three connects to the other three or etc. If that’s in there, now I want you to shade those in. Now, go ahead and shade that in for each of the wedge all the way down to the zero, and what you’re going to notice is unless you have all tens or all fives or all the same number across all five of your key areas, your wheels going to be out of balance. If you put that wheel on your car, for most of us, it’s going to be a bumpy ride, and this is not what we’re looking for. So, now that you have this goal here. How can you up level in each of these areas where you can actually have solid balance? So, for example, if your business is a 10 but your relationships are 3, and every other area may be is an 8, You obviously know which area you need to get more balanced in. That’s going to be relationships, in this example, and this is going to be critical.

We’ll talk about this a little bit more in future episodes but start with this wheel of balance. What I’d like you to do is go over to the Author of Your Own Story community and let us know what your numbers are. There’s no judgment here. We’re all here to help each other grow. I’d like to know where you are in your mind, your body, your soul, relationships, and business. Simply, just give us the number. So, mine are three body, six whatever they are. For you and that way we can chat about it and get you more balance in your life. I know this exercise has helped me tremendously, and it’s something that I do regularly. I hope it helps you. That’s it for today.

Just as a reminder go over to where you’re going to find tips, tricks, as well as deeper dives, and an opportunity to take some of our courses. Also, get our daily teachings get them delivered right to your mailbox every day.

Have a great day. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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