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We’ve talked about this before on the Daily Growth Hacks, but it bears repeating because it comes up time and time again in conversation. What would you do if you were coaching yourself?

What I want you to do is grab your Five to Thrive and look at your goals and look where you are in relationship to those goals or where you are within your Five to Thrive. How would you rate yourself? If you were to step aside and look at yourself from a third person perspective, what advice would you give yourself? You see, it’s often easy to look at somebody else and give them advice. That’s why it’s one reason to be a good coach. It’s easy to look at someone and say, “Hey, look, you know, you really should be doing these. You should put down the hamburger and french fries and go for the salad with the lean protein.” If we had a dog or a pet or any other pet, took it to the vet and the vet said, “You know what? This dog’s overweight or this dog’s unhealthy, and what you need to do is give it these two pills in the morning and give it this tonic at lunch, at 2:00 PM, and then give it these pills right before bed,” we would do it each and every time religiously. Yet, we don’t always do it for ourself.

The first step is coaching yourself is recognition. What I want you to do, it’s a quick one, is grab your journal, write out your Five to Thrive, and then list what you would do if you were coaching yourself from a third perspective, a third party perspective. How are you in your mind? Would you be studying something different? Would you be focusing more time on reading or learning something new? How about your body? Would you be eating differently? Would you actually take your vitamins and actually go running in the morning when you say you are? Then, in the area of soul, are you meditating? Are you taking care of yourself, filling your own cup? Then, what about in the area of relationships? How are your relationships? Have you called your parents? Have you called your friend? Do you text the person you care the most about? Then, the area of your business. Are you managing your finances in the area of business, or is that an area you’re just avoiding, which most business owners seem to do. What about your staff, your employees? Where are you in these areas and how would you coach yourself if you were the third person?

All right. That’s it for me today. It’s a quick one, although you’ve got to do the work. Remember, if you’re not doing the work, you’re just listening to these, and it’s like emotional candy. You don’t want to do that. Also, share this with at least three people you know because that’s how you’re going to build your tribe. You’re going to build your tribe by sharing this with more people and actually having conversations that matter. I will see you tomorrow. Have a fantastic day. Remember, go out and inspire someone simply by being the Author of Your Own Story.

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