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We’re less than 10 days as I record this away from my birthday and during this time, it’s a great time for reflection, kind of like the beginning of the year even though I do this every quarter. My birthday just happens to fall on the end of Q1 for this year. One of the things that I like to do is look back and look at lessons that I’ve learned.

I looked at my five to thrive: My mind, my body, my soul, my relationships and my business when I look and say, what is the greatest lesson that I learned in the past year since my last birthday in this case. I’m going to encourage you to do the same. Now, what I want you to do is grab your journal and write out those five to thrive and then in each area, ask yourself what is the greatest lesson that you’ve learned in the past year.

I always ask you to do this exercise. These are the same things that I ask my coaching clients to do and this time, I’m going to share with you what I wrote down for myself. Now, most of these that I wrote down are nothing new. They’re insights that I’ve had before or constant reminders but they’re also the greatest lesson that I got in the past year that I can take forward into this next year and even in today.

In the area of my mind, the biggest thing was picking one thing to focus on. As most entrepreneurs, I can get so diffused running multiple companies, coaching clients all over the world. I love it, and then having a family and living the digital nomad lifestyle, I’m always on the go. Oftentimes, I’m moving from one thing to another without actually finishing the thing that I start.

What I learned last year or relearned was really picking one thing to focus on and driving that home really moved the needle for myself personally, for my family, my friends and also for all of our businesses that we run. In the area of the body, the thing that I kind of reiterated to myself was when I focus on my mobility, it allows me to do so much more. The more mobile and supple my body is through doing yoga, mobility work, foam rolling, and tissue work and therapies, really it makes me want to be more active. I’m more mobile. I’m loose, makes me want to go out there and go snowboarding, hiking, snow shooting with my family, lifting weights, playing competitive sports, whatever it is. The mobility is got to be the focus.

In the past, what I was doing is focusing on some lifting because I love lifting heavy weights or playing competitive sports, but I would be just stiff and I didn’t like that feeling. When I focus on mobility, I end up doing a lot more things. I focus there first in my body. That’s a key indicator.

In the area of the soul, what I kind of reiterated and I got this in a big way when I was in the jungles down in South American. I was in the Amazon and I was doing some plant medicines with the shaman is fill my own cup first. In other words, really focus on filling me up so then I can spill into others like doing these daily growth hacks for you.

Oftentimes, as parents, spouses and especially as leaders in our community, we often are always trying to help other people. It’s a common thing I see within my clients. A lot of my clients are very, very goal-oriented and very driven and they’re always trying to give back and help others and I find myself doing the same thing.

In the past, what I would do is actually help other people before myself. I put my needs last and then I would just be depleted. I get sick. I’d be tired. I’d be grumpy and nobody wants to be around a grumpy person like, “I’ll just do it. Leave me alone, so I can just put my head down and get all these work done for you to have fun.” It doesn’t work. Filling my own cup first is something I’m coming back to.

In the area of relationships, another thing that I’ve learned many times but still the biggest lesson from last year is there’s a big difference between quantity time and quality time. And this has really come to the forefront now that I have a son who’s 10 months old. That quality time with my wife is extremely important, way more than quantity time sitting on a couch watching TV or something. The same thing with my son, that quality time with him. Man is he engaged. He is a presence meter. Right away, if I get on my phone, he is upset because I’m not present with him and I love that about him. It’s really up my game in that area.

Then, the area of my business comes back to focus. It comes back to kind of what my area in mind is. When I take one project like a client or a coaching session or if I’m learning something, if I deep dive into it and go all in and set aside 90-minute jam sessions or even days just to focus on that one thing, I get so much more done than if I just did it for half an hour over a month or an hour or two hours over a month. But if I just take a day and just really dive deeply, that’s where I get my best work done. That’s where I’m able to contribute the most to my clients.

What’s yours? I’m curious. What I invite you to do is not only share this with me but share this with three other people around you. Build your tribe. I talk about this so often and it is so important for you to get to that next level is sharing this with other people. You can share this the Daily Growth Hack. You can also share what you wrote and I love to hear it too. I appreciate all the comments that I’m getting from people in the social media outreach. Feel free, I’m easy to find and I love to chat with you.

That’s it for me today. As always go to where you can get the latest tips, tricks and techniques delivered right to your inbox when you sign up for the newsletter. And until tomorrow, go out and inspire someone simply by being the author of your own story. I’ll see you then.

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