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Today’s topic –  boxing gloves.

This is your daily growth hack where each day we bring you a tip, trick, or insight to help you uplevel your life and what we call the five to thrive. That’s mind-body-soul-relationships and business.

So, what do I mean by boxing gloves?  Well, many of us are walking around with boxing gloves on all day and I know what you’re thinking you’re thinking “What the heck are you talking about?  I’m an accountant, I work in an office, what have you, I don’t wear boxing gloves you may be at the gym”.

I invite you to rethink about that. My guess is you probably do. Now, I know for me this was a big struggle shedding the boxing gloves. I started really noticing that my inner dialogue with myself and the things that I was actually telling myself were super negative. As if I was in the ring boxing myself and constantly throwing right hooks left jabs and really trying to take myself out.

Often the comments that I would say is I would talk about “Oh Doug you know you’re not getting enough done”, “You you’re not making enough money compared to all the work you’re doing”,  “Your business isn’t as successful as it should be”,  “You’re not this”, “You’re not that”. Really it comes down to not being good enough and then broken down even further it talks about or what it really comes down to is loving yourself.

This is a journey that took me many years and I invite you to consider the same thing. Are you walking around wearing boxing gloves beating yourself up all day long?

If you are you need to shed them.

So one thing I invite you to do is think about your inner dialogue, what is it you’re constantly telling yourself? Is it that you’re too fat, too lazy, not smart enough, not rich enough? What is it that you feel that you’re not enough and you keep telling yourself over and over again? See what I found with myself and also with clients is that you live in to that story. Now here we call ourselves Author of Your Own Story and we do that with intent. We want you to live your best life and live your own story and that starts with what you’re telling yourself.

You see people aren’t going to see you as something different than you see yourself. If you have yourself at a certain level it’s hard to uplevel that level unless you can rise above that. What I mean is if you see yourself as not being good enough you certainly can’t expect anybody else to see you as good enough.

It’s impossible for them to see it for a long period of time. Here’s what I invite you to do today –  your call to action is to write down your inner dialogue. Any time you say you’re not enough in any way shape or form to yourself, I want you to write that down. Next,  take each of those statements and write three reasons it’s actually not correct. Then, take another, take that same statement and write three more times something that’s more positive.

So for example, I might say I’m not fit enough. Well fit enough for what? Let’s write three reasons that’s not right.

Well it’s not right because

  1. I go running every day
  2. I lift weights
  3. I’m turning 40 and I’m still in good, good shape.

Well what’s different in that? Well, I can rewrite that going

  1. I’m thankful that I actually have the power and energy to go for runs.
  2. I’m thankful that i’m actually still athletic and able to compete with people half my age.
  3. I’m thankful that I’m actually taking care of my health.

These positive statements allow you to live into it and eventually over time these become your habits and become who you are and this becomes your story.

I love to hear your feedback on this in the comments section of our forum –  look forward to hearing that and of course to get the show notes for this in all episodes, as well as additional tips and tricks, go over to right now

That’s it for me today, I will see you tomorrow!

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