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What do I mean by checking in with your coach? Well, you should be your own coach. Now you may have another coach in many different areas. I do for myself. I have a coach who works on my personal development. I also have a trainer, and I also have other coaches that I work with intermittently, but I am my own coach.

I use these daily growth hacks very similarly and hope you do too. What do I mean by that? Well if you’re journaling, you’re doing the work, you’re doing a couple of things. One is you’re journaling at least once, hopefully twice each and every day and also each week you’re doing a review. You’re going back and looking at the week prior on how you performed. You’re also looking and planning the week ahead, and you’re doing this also quarterly in a bigger way and then yearly, of course, is the big macro.

Here I am in a hotel room for the weekend because I’m a little bit sick and I’m trying just to get away and focus on what do I want in my life and review what I’ve done before. I’m flipping through one of my older journals, and I have notes, and if you’re watching the video, although the quality is poor, I have in my hands a huge journal, and this is when I used to use a really big one. I have bookmarks all through it. These bookmarks are thoughts and ideas that have come to me over time. These are ideas that have come and each time I read and review my journal, which I try to do several times a year, my old journals; these are things that always hold true.

They’re things that I want to keep myself on point with and things that I also want to constantly remind myself about. Now some of these are business ideas. If you’re an entrepreneur, business ideas flow through you often times, and I have a ton of them. I have a whole sheet of them, but a lot of these are insights. These are insights in my five to thrive, like where do I want to be with my mind, like mantras, things of that nature. What books do I want to read or thoughts when I’m having lunch with a mentor or someone who I just really respect.

Often times I’ll bring my journal with me or right afterwards I’ll write things down in my journal that I’ll get from them. Words of wisdom, so to speak, or my body. What do I want to do? What are things that I’m noticing about my body and ways that I adapt and move through the world? Foods that work for me and foods that don’t. Then what about my soul? What comes out to me, when I’m talking to someone who’s got wisdom and some spiritual knowledge, I’m always looking for that. For me personally, I’m looking through all the different religions and taking great information from all people.

Then of course relationships, I’ve got tons of information about relationships. Being a man who is married, so I’m a husband, also a father, I look for relationship advice from people I look up to. I have several people that are in my top 50 that are in those areas, are people that I look up to in those categories of relationships. Those can also be people that are just great at networking, and networking in my mind of networking, so not business card passing out but networking with other people.

Then of course with my business I have tons of ideas, as I mentioned, but also I’m giving business thoughts because the people that I associate with tend to be entrepreneurs as well. I’m asking you, are you reviewing your coach, because each day you’re your own personal coach. Are you sitting down with that person in the past and seeing all those notes and that wisdom that he or she has given you over the last couple years or months or even just weeks. It’s really important to journal but sit down and go through it because journaling is really not just a way of getting ideas out of your head to free yourself up or some whimsical self-development type strategy.

Really it’s being your own coach; it’s allowing you to coach yourselves and really allowing you to grow. By utilizing your journal and reviewing it, you can see the notes that you’ve given to yourself and also the growth that you’ve had. I used to always talk to people who were in the fitness field, and they’d be losing weight, for example, but they didn’t see it because they saw themselves making micro changes and with those micro changes you just don’t seem to notice what they are. What we want to do here is look at these from a macro level.

These same people wouldn’t see these micro changes but they’d run into a friend or somebody at the grocery store that hadn’t seen them in months, and they would go whoa, I can’t believe how much weight you’ve lost and their mind was blown because they just didn’t see the changes. Reviewing your notes or reviewing with your coach, which is you, in your journal allows you to see those changes too. If you’re doing the five to thrive and you’ve gone through the seven days to become the author of your own story and done the 30-day game, you actually have a scorecard where you can see that.

That’s the idea of the scorecard. You can actually see if you’re winning or losing. Your journal also helps you with a lot of those notes also. That’s it for me today. As always go to where you can get the latest tips, tricks, and techniques to help you up level your game and become the Author of Your Own Story.

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