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Often times when we’re looking at doing something we take the DIY approach to it. There’s nothing wrong with that. Often times we wanna learn a foreign language, we might buy audio cassettes, we might buy a book, we might do some research online. When it comes to our body, maybe it’s working out, maybe we decide we wanna get a subscription to men’s fitness or women’s fitness and maybe we buy a book or two or maybe even take a class. But how often do we actually take that goal and compress the time? Compress the time and shorten the gap from where we are today to where we wanna be. Now, the key to this is finding somebody who’s been there and done that and can actually help us along the way.

In the area of your mind, I made an example of learning Spanish. Yes you can read books, yes you can listen to audio but by finding a qualified Spanish instructor, it’s gonna help you compress that time so you can focus on the most important areas of that learning. Now, this can go with all skills. So if you wanna learn a particular application on the web or an internet protocol. What I do is I hire the best of the best to teach me exactly how to do it. Yes, you can go to something like or many of the other great platforms that are out there to teach you. Even YouTube has great tutorials. But by hiring an expert, they can actually compress that time and shorten the gap between where you wanna be and where you are today. For me, when I hire a professional, I don’t have to sit through hours of videos or courses, they can show me the tips and tricks right away that apply to what my outcome is.

This also goes in the area of business and finance and that’s why I seek the best financial advice whenever possible, but also with coaching. I always have a coach in my corner, help me see my blind spots but also to help me make sure that I’m doing the right things to get to where I wanna go. This is exactly what I do for my clients. Now in the area of relationships, having somebody that can actually help you with your relationships is critical. Relationships are key. Now I know from my own personal experience when the relationships in my life aren’t working really well, nothing seems to work well. So, I’ve actually hired coaches in different areas. Whether it be relations with my wife in a marriage, but also with my family or with co-workers, how to better communicate with people. Especially making sure that my communication style lands on them and that’s where it’s critical.

So what I’m gonna invite you to do today is look at your five to thrive, your mind, your body, your soul, your relationships and your business and look at what your outcomes are in these areas. What can you do to shorten the gap? What can you do in each of these areas to shorten the gap from where you are today to where you wanna be and compress that learning time. Learn from other people’s mistakes, learn from other people’s experiences so you don’t have to go through ’em. That way you can enjoy the journey a little bit more. So in your mind, if there’s an area you wanna learn. Maybe again, maybe it’s web programming. Maybe you’d hire the best web programmer and yeah maybe a course is only gonna cost you 30 dollars a month but what’s the opportunity cost of the time that somebody else could just show you. Whether it be Russel Brunson or somebody that charges $150,000 a year but what can they actually show you and what’s your time worth? That’s really important to understand.

And in the area of your body, you might wanna hire a coach, a personal trainer. Look, I have over 18 degrees and certifications in the health and fitness field yet I have a trainer. I have a trainer that’s showing me different things. They’re compressing time. I’m learning new skills and they’re also keeping me accountable and making sure I’m doing those things that yeah I might skip in a workout because it’s just not convenient or fun. In the area like you said, in the area of the soul, what is that for you? For me, it’s getting outdoors. So maybe I would get somebody like a snowboarding instructor so I can get better at snowboarding. I started snowboarding last year. I’ve always skied. So that’s something that’s interesting. That’s something that I do. And then maybe in the area of relationships. Like I said, I’m constantly looking to improve my skill sets in the area of relationships both with my wife and my child so I’m learning different techniques on how to communicate to him so he can understand me. But also a staff and public speaking.

Instead of just taking a public speaking course, what I would do is I would hire somebody who teaches public speaking at a very high level and that way again, I’m compressing my time. I can get there faster. In the area of my business, again, I have a coach. It’s always important to have somebody looking at your back and making sure you can get them. Now, if you can’t afford somebody, this is something that comes up a lot, people say “Doug I’d love to coach with you but I can’t afford it, what can I do?” Or they wanna coach with somebody else and they’re looking for suggestions. Can I do an internship? An apprenticeship? Often times what I tell them is look, if you wanna do all these things and I recommend time in every area of your life, the best that you can. Except for those things that you wanna stop and smell the roses right? But things when it comes to learning and growth if you can shorten the gap, do it. Do it at all costs and what I say is we all have things and skill sets that we can bring to the table, extra value.

What you could do, is let’s just say it’s the, I’ll make it up, it’s the personal trainer. You can’t afford a personal trainer or maybe you’ve vested somewhere else. I’ll also tell you that probably you can afford it, you’ve just chosen to spend your money elsewhere. How was happy hour, right? So, what you wanna think about with this personal trainer is where could you add massive value? Where could you add massive value to them? So say my trainer charges 150 dollars an hour for personal training and I wanna go three times a week. So that’s 450 a week. Maybe I just don’t have like free-flowing cash right now. Well, what could I do? Maybe I can help him with his cleaning his gym, help him with his website, help him with his marketing by passing out flyers. There’s a lot of ways you can do this. Be creative. Do not let an objection or what you think is a barrier to stop you from moving forward. Especially when it comes to growth. I want it all for you.

Again, grab your five to thrive. Grab your journal, write down your five to thrive and look at all the areas of where you want outcomes and how can you compress time. Who is somebody you can reach out to? If you don’t know who you can reach out to, reach out to me personally, I will put you in contact with somebody that can potentially help you. Now again, you have to make the investment in yourself, I can’t do that for you, but let me know how I can help you. Of course, go over to as well, where you can get more tips, tricks, and techniques delivered right to your inbox so you don’t miss the great information coming at you every single day. If you haven’t already, go over to and get on the waitlist for the Author of Your Own Story University. That is where we’re doing deep deep dives. We’re opening the doors again so you have a chance to get in. I’ve heard from several of you that were upset that you didn’t get in the first time, but we only have a certain number of people, a certain number of slots and it’s closing soon. So make sure you get on that, it’s the best deal I can think of.

As always, go out and inspire someone, simply by doing the things that we’re talking about here. Doing the work. You’re gonna inspire people above and beyond what you ever though was possible simply by being the author of your own story. Take care and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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