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Today I want to talk to you about two animals that you know very well – the crab and the Buffalo and what’s the difference between the two?

Oftentimes, especially in our daily lives, we operate from the place of a crab and what I mean by that is when you put a crab or a series of crabs into a pot, what happens is one of the crabs starts to crawl out of the pot because it’s getting hot, and then the other crabs pull them back down.

Now, this is a phenomenon that’s been seen time and time again. You also see this with people. So oftentimes what happens is if somebody starts to uplevel their lives whether be in their business, or relationships are very common as well, the people around them get scared.

They get scared because they realize that they’re not doing those things that they should be doing in their lives and so they are not up leveling. What they tend to do is get scared and look at the things that are happening in their lives which cause fear and cause them to pull somebody else back down.

Another analogy to use with a crab is that there are two ways to have the tallest building in the world. One is to burn everybody else’s building down. The second one is to build it up as high as you possibly can.

Now, I would say that being a crab is actually more common than you might think. Look at social media. Look at your social media posts and profiles. When you actually post something or go out on a limb or shoot a video like this, you’re going to have a lot of people out there criticizing you and pulling you down. These are the crabs. The crab is the majority.

Now, in contrast, we have the Buffalo. The Buffalo is known for when a storm comes. The animals are running away because the storm is coming, the rain is coming down and it’s going to get vicious. Yet, the Buffalo runs to the eye of the storm. It runs to the eye of the storm because it knows that after going through that adversity of the storm, it’s going to get the sweetest grass, the freshest, wet, delicious grass that no other animal will get because it is actually there.

The Buffalo knows that if it persevered through the true tragedy or through hardship, that on the other end of that hardship is where the sweet stuff lies.

And I see this time and time again with clients that I’m working with both as a professional coach for high-level clients but also on my businesses when I’m working with other people.

Oftentimes, people sell themselves short because they’re worried about what other people will think. They’re worried about the crab. And even more importantly and what most people don’t realize is it’s the own crab that lies within you.

What is it inside of you…. that little voice that constantly says, “No, maybe I shouldn’t be doing that or I’m not good enough”. Or, “What are other people going to think?”.

These are all common crab stories. So, my question for you today is: “Where in your 5 To Thrive are you being a crab versus a Buffalo?”.

Where in your mind, your body, your soul, your relationships, or your business are you allowing little things to pull you down and not up level to the power that we actually know is inside of you?

Where do you need to step up and be the Buffalo and run to the eye of the storm so you can get that sweet reward at the end?

That’s it for me today. I’d love to hear your thoughts in our Author of Your Own Story community and of course go over to where you’ll get more tips, tricks, and insights on how you can uplevel your life where you can actually become more of a buffalo.

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