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Do it for the photo. Whatever it takes. Right now there’s somebody outside hiking. There’s somebody outside swimming with sharks. Why? Because they’re doing it for the Instagram photo.

Social media’s pushed us in ways that we never thought possible. There are people out there doing crazy things. They’re becoming the authors of their own story just so they could rub it in other peoples’ faces or just so they could show people how great their lives are. I think that’s fantastic. Whatever it is for you. Maybe it’s just doing it for the photo. Maybe that’s something you get to do today. Maybe that’s something you get to decide. What would be photo-worthy for you? What would be something that if you posted on your Instagram, your Facebook, or your LinkedIn page that would be so epic that everybody around you will be proud?

More importantly, what’s that image that would make you proud? One way you can look it is looking at your younger self. So you could say, “Hey, would the 15 year old version of me actually be proud that I achieved this, be excited? Am I excited to achieve this?” Maybe that’s climbing to the top of mountain. Maybe it’s going skydiving. Maybe it’s painting. Maybe it’s actually going to a foreign country. Whatever it is for you. What is photo-worthy for you? What I want you do is grab your journal. It’s simple. Write that down. What’s something you can think of right now that’s photo-worthy?

If you can’t think of something, that’s fine. Go through Instagram and Facebook and look at some ideas. Look up the most adventurous travel places to go. Get a magazine like the Robb Report or National Geographic Explorer. Give yourself some ideas. That’s nothing wrong with that. On the path to becoming the author of your own story sometimes it’s really good to read somebody else’s. What I mean by that is actually not only reading autobiographies, but reading into other peoples’ lives and getting inspiration. There’s nothing wrong with inspiration. What I want you to do is list at least a few objects, in your mind, body, soul, relationships and business, a few things that you think would be photo-worthy. Now your opportunity is go out and do it. Make sure you tag AYS so we can follow you and make sure you’re going out and being the author of your own story.


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