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Recently someone told me that you have to beware of your past because you’re going to follow that past with you, whatever you’re doing. I had to say, “I disagree.” In my experience, history only repeats itself if that’s where you’re living, right? The past does not dictate your future unless you’re living in the past.

All too often, many of us are living in the past, right? We’re looking at our past failures, things that have happened to us, we’re looking at that, and we’re living into our futures. I can’t do that, because I’ve failed in the past, or so-and-so hurt me, or, I was hurt when I was in a relationship, or when I try to start my own business I failed. When you live in the past, history does repeat itself, and history does have control over you. Your past has control over you only when you live in it.

Now I’m going to invite you to live in the present, right? Think about the future, but live in the present, right here, right now, that’s all we have. We know that, right? You know that I do too, but all too often we look at the past, and then we start living into that, right? We live into those failures, and that takes us away from possibility, from the possibilities of being the author of our own story. If you’re going to live in the past, you can’t write your own story, ’cause basically, it’s just taking the same page over, and over again, and returning it, that’s boring, no one’s going to read that book, including you.

What I’m going to invite you to do is grab your journal and write out, where are you living in your past? Is that past dictating your future? Can you live in the present? You see, history or your past doesn’t dictate or control your future. Wherever you were, or you’ve been, whether you’ve been down and out, people have broken up with you, you’ve been hurt, loved ones have pushed you aside, you’ve failed in business, or maybe it’s in your body, or your spirituality, that doesn’t dictate your future unless you live there. Right here, right now in this moment, you can dictate your future, and where you’re going to go, it’s a choice, and I invite you to join me on the journey of being the author of your own story.

That’s it for me today. I really encourage you to do these exercises that we put out there. If you don’t do the work, you’re just really getting educational growth bubble gum, right? It doesn’t help you. You have to do the work. So journal this exercise, and share it with at least three people, three people that you want to have conversations that matter.

If you’re one of those three people that actually someone shared this with, congratulations, you’re loved, somebody actually thinks very highly of you, so that’s awesome. You can go celebrate that today, right? Not many people get that opportunity to have something like this shared with them. Then, make sure you’re on the newsletter. The reason I want you to be on the newsletter is not so I can sell you stuff, or anything like that, you can unsubscribe at any time, my job is to give you tremendous value. Get on the newsletter, so you get the latest information from Author of Your Own Story, and the things that we’re up to, so that way we can help you grow.

Our goal is to reach, selfishly, one million people, ’cause it’s going to make me feel better to help one million people, so it’s a selfish goal. I want you to be one of those people. It starts with getting on the newsletter. If you choose to opt in, or join in to the University, you’re welcome to do that as well, just fill out the application, otherwise, I will see you tomorrow, make sure you go out and inspire someone simply by being the author of your own story.

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