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All too often, as business owners, we fall in love with our own ideas. Now, these can be products, these can be services, these can be things that we’re going after. We can actually grind it out. It’s a gift. It’s a talent. And something that entrepreneurs and business owners have in spades, right?

But oftentimes, what happens is we fall in love with an idea that isn’t the right idea, or at least we’re not looking at it from the right angle. We can be dragging that idea down the road just like it’s something that we’re carrying. A big weight on us that slows us down.

Now, this can also happen in other areas of our life. Remember, we’re not disconnected. If you’re a business owner, your personal life is equally connected to your business. Now, if you’re not a business owner, and you’re somebody that’s on the path to the Author of Your Own Story journey, this applies with anything that you’re doing.

What happens, often, is we have an idea we fall in love with. Now, this could be a relationship. It could be the idea of love, or idea of love with one person in particular. What happens is, is we hold on to that idea, that dream, that fantasy that we’re in love with. What that forces us to do is not look at other angles within that idea. There might be another outcome or path that can get you there quicker.

I don’t know about you, but for me, when I fall in love with an idea, I just absolutely love it. Right? I have pictures on my wall. I have all kinds of things going on. But when I let go of that love, just for a minute, right? And let go of it and detach myself from the idea that I’m working on … Now, again, this can be in all areas of your Five to Thrive. When I detach myself, it allows me to look at different angles, right? Different points of view that then allow me to possibly find a different path to get to my outcome sooner.

What I’m going to encourage you to do today is grab your journal, write out your Five to Thrive: your mind, your body, your soul, your relationships, and, of course, your business. Then what I want you to do is look at areas of each of those categories that you’re in love with something, right? Are you in love with a particular workout program, right? Right now, I’m following the Strong First Protocol. Love it, right? So what I might want to do is detach myself from that, and look at it from different angles, right? Am I getting the outcome that I want from it?

Or maybe it’s in relationships, right? Maybe it’s a friendship that I have that, I love the friendship. I love the idea of the history we’ve had together, but yet every time I hang out with this friend, all he wants to do is get drunk, and that’s not really what I’m about. So maybe I’m just not looking at this from the right angle. What else can I do? Can I cherish this relationship but try something differently?

Or maybe it’s my business. This happens to me more often than not, is I have these business ideas that I think are amazing. I’m currently running six companies, so I’m always having these ideas and different angles to look at. But oftentimes, I could be wrong, and if I fall in love with a business idea, or the project idea, it doesn’t allow me to see the forest from the trees, so to speak. Having that different angle and looking at it differently allows me to upgrade, and actually get to the outcome much sooner.

Again, write out your Five to Thrive. Where in each category are you in love with an idea? Then I would invite you to detach yourself temporarily … detach yourself. You’ll be safe. You can come back to the idea and the love anytime you want to. And then look at it in a different way.

Now, if you like conversations like this, exercises like this, but you want to go deeper, right? We only have a couple of minutes that we do these Daily Growth Hacks, and you want to go deeper. The Author of Your Own Story University is for you. All you have to do is go to, click on the University button, and you can see the University. We have deep dives into conversations. Live conversations with some of the world’s top coaches. That gives it to you at a very affordable price, so you can continue on your journey.

But, of course, make sure you’re doing two things. One, you subscribe to the Author of Your Own Story e-mail list, so you can get the latest tips, tricks, and techniques delivered right to your inbox. The second thing is I want you to share this with at least three people. Now, the reason I want you to share this is because it builds your tribe, right? You’re going to have a support network to help you get to that next level. Also, it opens up conversations that matter. Conversations with people that, frankly, today in our society we don’t have enough of.

All right. That’s it from me today. I will see you tomorrow. Remember, go out and inspire someone simply by being the Author of Your Own Story.

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