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You Don’t Want to Do the Work

Hey guys I want to shoot this really quick video for you. I woke up this morning, getting my coffee ready, and I looked down at my cell phone and I had a business owner that just blew my phone up with texts messages. Starting out with, “Doug I need your help.” Now this is a person that wants to be a coaching client of mine that I actually turned down. This is a six-figure opportunity for me. That’s what I charge for a one-year coaching program. And I just didn’t feel it was the right fit and the reason I didn’t feel is the right fit is because really what they want is my lifestyle and the lifestyle I’ve been able to develop. And what they don’t want is the actual work so instead of me telling you more about this, I’m going to let ET kick it off.

He told the guy, he said, “When you want to succeed as bad you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” This is what I’m saying: You give 70% effort, the most, the optimal that can come out of giving 70% energy as what? 70% an outcome. That’s it. So y’all got to do me a favor for real. I’m not playing, like the energy y’all give off sucks. Like it ain’t no other way for me to say it. It sucks and I don’t care about the energy you’re giving me right now but if you’re taking this energy you giving me into the real world, you’re gonna be average. So when you get out of here, I’m talking about, “I need energy. You don’t have to be the smartest person in the world but sometimes when you’re smart, people still don’t notice you. People always notice what? Always, if you’re not careful, you’ll get electrocuted. You have to pay attention to energy and things that energize. That’s all I’m asking you to do. I’m saying most of you are not successfully not because you have reached your highest level of success. You are not successful because you stopped focusing on it. You quit focusing on it. You got a job and you just stop. You’re young and you dream cause when you get to my age you don’t have a lot of time to do it. There’s a whole lot of responsibilities, you just can’t wake up in the morning, just go walk in 30 minutes, and just dream, dream, dream. You got bills, bills, bills. You know why I laugh when your people come to me and say, “you know ET, man, I want to blow up in the speaking industry.”

I told one young man, “Let’s just be honest. What you want is the life that I have now. You don’t
want to go through the life that I went through to get to the life that I have now. Let’s be clear.”

You can have the life that I have. You can make the money I make or more if you want to. You can travel the world if you want to. But you cannot do this without the lifestyle. You can’t do this by getting up at 9 o’clock in the morning. It’s 3 o’clock. There’s a 3 o’clock grind. Look, I want to show you something. When you dream, you see this right here, when you dream, all your dreams coming home. You ever notice that when you dream, they don’t come in halves. When you dream you see the entire picture you like I’m gonna be a doctor, I’m going to be a surgeon. I’m going to make $100,000 a year, I’m going to get married. You see how he look, you see the whole thing. When you dream and close your eyes, everything is a whole. But in real life, the lifestyle isn’t a symbol.

Listen to me: I want you to dream. Why? Because energy comes from dreams. Knowledge is good. But knowledge doesn’t necessarily turn into something. When you have an imagination and you can see things, BOOM, that change your whole life. So I want you to dream: in the morning, in the afternoon, at night. I want you to dream. I’m not a scrooge, I’m not telling you “don’t do it.” What I’m telling you is: when you dream you have to understand that it comes a symbol. Everything is there, but when you wake up, the lifestyle, somebody has to put that together. Somebody has do something to make that happen. So as a student, you are in the last phase of dreaming. That’s all I’m trying to tell you. I want you to dream. If you are a freshman, go for it. You’re a sophomore, go for it. You’re a junior, you have a little more time. If you are a senior, you should be not dreaming right now. No more dreaming. If you are a senior, dreaming is over. It’s over like I need specifics: What are you doing on Monday? What are you doing on Tuesday? What are you doing on Wednesday? You need to be very specific. It’s time to put your pieces together of your puzzle. I put mine together. I put mine together. I put this life together. I made it happen. My father wasn’t here for me. My mother worked until 4. Nobody helped me to get here. I had to get up, I had to go to class, I had to read, I had to study, I had to write, I understood that the dream is real. But the lifestyle is realer. You see people on TV and you want to be that. No, it’s real. Do you have what it takes when you stick the steel plate? You ready for that? You ready for the dream? You ready for the car? And what I hate about this generation, with the Snapchat and the Instagram, you can live something that you’re not living. You can put it up there and fake it like you’re included. You’re taking a pic by somebody’s car. You can fake it as a generation like you have money when you don’t. You can fake it on Instagram but when I follow you home, let me follow you home, what you got? Let me see with your house. Let me pull up the driveway, let me see what you really got, take me into your bedroom. Y’all acting like it’s your house. You all don’t realize how sick this generation is. It’s sick. You can fake it like you got something you don’t. You can fake it like you got a life like you don’t. But you got to get your butt up and go take the LSAT and you can’t fake it when you take that test. Y’all FAKE. You want a lifestyle but you don’t want to earn it. You got to earn this.

If Eric Thomas doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know who will. That’s it for me. Just remember when you look at somebody whether it be on social media or you get a chance to know them and they’re actually at a point that you want to get to, ask them how they got there. Remember, it does take work to get to that next level and whatever you’re striving for just make sure you’re putting in that time and get going.

That’s it for me, have a great day.

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