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Oftentimes, I’m talking about in these daily growth hacks, if you go back through previous episodes, about diversifying your mind, the category of mind, right? How do you get on to new topics, new ways of thinking? Now, one way, of course, is by surrounding yourself with a diverse group of people that are growing. That’s why at the end of these daily growth hacks, I ask you to share this with at least three people, so you can build your personal tribe and have conversations that matter.

Today, I’m going to give you a resource that I’ve been using and have been sharing with my clients, and they’ve had great success for it. I have no affiliation with this application. It’s an app on your phone called Blinkist. What it does is gives you book summaries. Now, I find these summaries not to be as good as actually listening to the entire book, but what can you expect from a five-minute summary of a book? What I do like about Blinkist is if you have the free version, which is most people I’ve referred to it use, they actually just give you one book per day. Now, you can’t select the book that you want, and I like that.

The reason I like that is because it forces people, myself and my clients, to get different points of view. For example, one day, it might be a book on business. The second day, it might be a book on religion. The third day, it might be a book on personal development, and so on. You get the idea. Now, I know a lot of people that have subscribed since I’ve recommended it, and I do recommend it because the book reviews, I think, are really good, and it really does expose you to new trains of thought.

One way that I’ve used it and the way that I’m recommending here on this daily growth hack is simply to make sure you’re having different trains of thought in your mind. If you’re Republican, listen to something about liberalism. If you’re a liberal, listen to something about conservatism. Get a different train of thought, a different thought pattern in your mind. I will listen to different religious texts. I’ll listen to different political philosophies. I, myself, will listen to people that I think are contrarians to my point of view. Oftentimes, this can reinforce the things that I already think, but sometimes, sometimes, this makes me think about something differently, something that I haven’t heard before or another train of thought where I can pose questions to the people that are in my tribe, my circle, and then also share those with you.

I’m going to suggest you download this app and test it out for yourself. Again, there’s a free version so there’s no risk for you. Check it out. I believe they have a website that you can check out as well. If you’re enjoying these tips, tricks and techniques, I do encourage , ou to share them with at least three other people so you can increase your tribe and have conversations that matter. Now, of course, go over to and get on our newsletter. You can always unsubscribe. We all know how to do that, but make sure you’re getting the latest tips, tricks and techniques delivered right to your inbox each and every day. That’s it for me today. I will talk to you tomorrow. Have a great day. Remember, go out and inspire someone simply by being the author of your own story.

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