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This is episode 100, and we’re calling this the “End cap to season one.” Why? Because season two is going to be new and different, and we’re really excited about it. Yes, we’re going to have the Daily Growth Hacks each and every day, but we want to let you know what’s coming up in season two.

See, I just got off the mountain, I was hanging out with my family. We were swimming in lakes and living the Author of Your Own Story lifestyle. I wanted to film this really quick for you. Season two, what’s going to be different? Yeah, we’re going to have our Daily Growth Hacks, and it’s something you can look forward to. But there are two main things I want to talk to you about. One is doing the work. We can’t do the work for you. We’ve produced 99 episodes. 99 before this one, where we have tips, tricks, and insights for you to go through. Now, if you haven’t done it, download all 99 now. Make sure you have them in your archives, and what I want you to do is go to a coffee shop, or right after this, take massive action and go through all 99, and do the work.

Make a commitment right here and right now, that moving forward every day you’re going to join us. Join us in the morning before you go to work, or before you’re doing anything. Have a cup of coffee and your journal out, and start. Start doing the work with each tip, trick, and insight. Now, we’re also going to be doing a listener Q and A. We get tons of questions, and I love answering them. But now we’re going to try to answer them live. We’re going to answer them live here on social media, but also through this podcast. I want you to enjoy those.

Also with season two, we’re going to be doing deep dives. Deep dives where we interview people who are living the Author of Your Own Story lifestyle. These are experts, as well as everyday people that have just figured it out. They’ve taken the chance, they’ve done the work, and they’ve dived deeply into the life. What I want to do is bring them in, ask them questions, and hopefully give you some inspiration. When you get a chance to know them and see how they’ve actually done it. How have they achieved the success in their lives, and how are they living their dreams? My hope is that this inspires you, and it also gives you tips, tricks too, to help you jumpstart or leapfrog their mistakes, and get to your Author of Your Own Story life a little quicker.

Now we’re really excited, and tonight I’m going to be working on the Author of Your Own Story University. We’ve got over 200 MP3 players, and a big box sitting right next to me. I’m super excited, we’re going to be loading those up with just a ton of information for the Author of Your Own Story University students. If you’re not a student, you’re not enrolled on the wait list, get on there now.

Last but not least, we put together a mashup for you. A mashup with the previous 99 episodes. Some tips and highlights, but I want to give a shout out to my team that makes this all possible. Yeah, I sit here in front of the camera and the microphone and just spout out whatever comes to my mind. But the team is what makes this a reality. That’s Billy, Ken, Darcy, Umad, Victor, Lilly, and Carol. Not to mention our amazing interns that we have, and our team is growing. We invite you to join us. The last thing, the last thing besides do the work, there are two things I need you to do.

is doings do the work. Second thing is build your tribe. Share this, share season one with friends and family. Pick at least three people. Why three? Because, if somebody’s sick, or someone’s not interested, that’s okay. But if you have three people, you have three people you can turn to on a regular basis building your community. Now, I recommend building it to three people each and every day. That way you’re looking at 1,000 people that are on your side. Your team, your army, whatever you want to think of this, these are your tribe that are following you in your Author of Your Own Story life, and people that you’re able to have bigger conversations with.

Just coming off the mountain, I was with my family, and we were able to talk about, “Hey, what’s going on?” And talked about a lot of things in the Daily Growth Hacks, and had common conversations, and different ideas, and different ways of thinking. The conversations just flowed, and was deep, and was touching, and it brought us all closer. Our ages were nine years old to 40. It was really nice to see even the nine year olds talking about the Daily Growth Hacks, and different aspects of ways that they see them. Of course funny, but also great.

I want you to have that. Build your tribe. There’s two things I’m going to ask you to do. Do the work, and build your tribe. That’s it for me today, enjoy the montage.

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