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Late last year, I was fixated on one of our companies making $600,000 in recurring revenue each month. I was tunnel visioned into this outcome, and we had designed, my business partner and I had designed a product to bring to the marketplace that we thought was exceptional. We were so focused on this product that we actually missed so many other opportunities because we were focused on the expectation or the outcome of what we were doing.

What we didn’t know or realize is after we signed up clients and customers, we started polling them. They said, “Hey, Doug, look, this is great, but what I really want is something else. This would really help me out even more.” Now had we thought about that and actually looked at the outcome in a bigger, broader perspective and allowed the creativity to flow, we would have picked up on this much, much earlier, saving us countless hours, money, time, and just headaches.

Now, I’m inviting you to the possibility that this might be happening for you in just different areas of your life, where you’re so focused on the outcome that it stifles your creativity or your ability to see other possibilities that are out there, right? How many times do you see this in your mind, your body, your soul, your relationships, and your business?

I know for me in the area of the mind, I’ve done this before with trying to learn a foreign language. I was so fixated on the outcome that I wasn’t open to the possibilities around me, and once I started opening myself up, I saw travel to South America. I saw actually talking to friends who already speak Spanish and making it fun. Now, when I was just fixated on the outcome, just fixated on that one result, the expectation that I had, I became laser-like focused one particular course of action. Those blinders narrowed me, narrowed me to that actual outcome.

Now, of course, I’ve done this in all areas of my life, all of my five to thrive, and I’m going to guess that you have possibly too. Where in your five to thrive right now are you letting the expectation or the outcome affect the way that you actually get the result. In other words, are you putting blinders on like I have and not allowing yourself to be open to other possibilities? Go ahead and write that down, and the next step is to take action. Again, I always say it. Don’t just be a digester of content. Be a person of action. This is how you get to the path of the Author of Your Own Story journey. I want that for you. In fact, this is really what I focus on with a lot of the coaches that I work with. When I’m coaching another coach, I talk to them about this quite often. I want that to be for you. I want you to be a seven, eight-figure earner because you deserve it. You deserve this Author of Your Own Story lifestyle, whatever it means for you.

Now, of course, share this with three people. You need to build your tribe. Build your tribe of people that are like-minded that are out there doing their best to raise the bar not only for themselves but for the people around them. Building your tribe is a great way of getting yourself out there. A simple and easy tactic is just simply to share this with three other people and start the conversation. That’s it for me today. I’ll see you tomorrow, and as always, go out there and inspire someone simply by being the author of your own story.


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