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Now, this is a reader’s question or a listener’s question that was sent to me just the other day. Now, here I’m still in Vermont in this beautiful forest if you’re watching this, and if you’re listening to this, just imagine an idyllic kind of country farm with hundreds of acres. It just amazing. When I got this email, it actually shocked me because it was such a contrast to the experience I was having. Now, what the listener said, they said, “Doug, I’m in my 30s, and I’ve been putting in my time, and I’m wondering because I have a great idea, how you actually get financing to get a business off the ground?”

Now, this is a great question. However, after a little digging what I found out is they didn’t really have a business idea. What they wanted was financing to be able to start their own business so they could have the lifestyle, the ability to travel and do the things that they wanted to do. After a little bit of questioning back and forth via email, what I found was that this person hasn’t put in the work. They just happened to be in their 30s and want, and expect, an amazing life that they can actually live.

Now, I’m one to say that you should expect to have an amazing life. You should want, or desire, to have all the things that life has to offer; however, you’ve got to put in the work. To say that money’s not available, that money isn’t out there to start a dream, or a business, is asinine, because the truth is, there’s plenty of money for everybody. There’s plenty of investors that are out there. They just can’t find people with a good idea. That’s the biggest thing, right?

If you put in your work, you put in your time in your 20s, let’s say, and some of you it’s even younger, or older. There’s not a time limit, but it’s putting in the work, expanding your knowledge, and expanding your ability to show a proven track record from where you started to where you can actually finish something is key. Now, if you’re just starting out on your journey to the Author of Your Own Story lifestyle, don’t worry. This is something you can project to the future, and I hope by listening to these daily growth hacks this actually compacts time for you, so you can actually leapfrog years ahead.

Now, if you’re expecting all of a sudden, “Hey, Doug, there’s no money out there. I have business ideas but no one’s willing to give me money,” I’m gonna tell you right now that either your business ideas just aren’t good, or you’re not proven yet. You’re not proven enough that investors are willing to take that leap, that risk with you, right now. That’s okay, but this means you need to get that experience. Do your work and hustle. This means taking care of your inner self, but also taking care of the external. Getting skills that allow you to live the life that you want to. If you want to be able to travel, then you’re looking at a digital lifestyle. You’re not looking at a brick and mortar business. You’re looking at some business that you can run remotely, or at least be able to take vacations with.

Now, what I want to ask you today is, “Where in your Five to Thrive, your mind, body, soul, relationships, and business are you expecting results but not putting in the work? Where are you expecting it? Is it in your mind you’re expecting to all of a sudden know about history? We had a conversation about history the other day. Know about history but not read about history, or not watch Ken Burns’ documentaries? Where in your body are you expecting to lose body fat, but you’re eating cookies all day, or drinking beer throughout the day? Where in your relationships are you expecting someone to love you, yet you’re not loving yourself?

Where in your business are you expecting to make six figures, or seven, or some of you eight and nine figures, but yet you’re not putting in the work? You’re not branding yourself. You’re not innovating. You’re not marketing. You’re not actually taking care of your clients. What I want you to do is grab your journal, go through your Five to Thrive and write these down. Where are you expecting results but not putting in the work?

Then, what I want you to do is grab your calendar and write the next step you can do, the most immediate step right now that you can do to actually take a step forward to getting those results and doing the work. That’s all from me today. Remember, go over to where you can get the latest tips, tricks, and techniques delivered right to your email inbox, so just like myself you can get new insights delivered to you every single day to help you become the Author of Your Own Story. Have a great day.

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