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So, how do you become superhuman? Well, I thought about this, this morning as I was journaling. Now, here it is five am, and my family’s asleep, but I was journaling out there, and I was thinking about, how do you become superhuman? Like, why do some people seem to excel and others don’t? Then as soon as I thought that, I turned my head, and I noticed a bent nail. A nail, a thick nail that was bent, by David Whitley, when I was in a conversation with him.

So I’m talking to David Whitely, he pulls out this nail, and bends it with his bare hands. Now, David wrote a book called, “Superhuman You,” it’s a fantastic read, and I highly recommend it. But David represents what a lot of us think is impossible, really is not. When I was talking to David, and I was talking to him about, what does it take to be a strong man? To be superhuman like he is. He’s able to bend bars. Be on a call with me, a video conversation, and actually bend this thick nail, right in front of my eyes. What does it take? He told me, he’s like, “Doug, it’s mostly mental. It’s the mental game.”

There are a million strong men out there, but very few can do what David does.  The difference between David and the other people are not his biceps, aren’t his physical strength, it’s the space between his ears. It’s his mental clarity and his ability to work on himself. The fact that David is continually bettering himself just goes to show you that everybody can be superhuman, and even superheroes are working on themselves.

So today I’m gonna ask you, in your five to thrive, what’s something that you feel might be impossible? What’s something that feels just so out of reach that you just think, “Ah, I could never do that”? Is it bending a nail? Is it bending an iron bar like David Whitley can do? Or maybe it’s something else. Maybe for you, it’s running a 5K or a marathon or an ultra.

Or maybe it’s actually being in a loving relationship, where you can trust deeply. Or maybe it’s growing your business. Maybe you are a business owner and you’ve only made $100,000 or $1,000,000 or $10,000,000 in a given year, and you can’t imagine taking it to the next level. Well, has somebody else done it? If so, you have a limiting belief in yourself. So I want you to write those down, cause identifying those is the first thing. Identifying those limiting beliefs gives you the opportunity to see clarity, and realize those obstacles in front of you is just the space between your ears.

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