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So this is a tip I got from Jim Quick. Now, Jim Quick is thought of as the memory guy. So, you can find him over at his website, but he also has a fantastic podcast I recommend checking out. So Jim uses the acronym FAST, how to learn anything and how to learn it faster, right?

So FAST, what does F stand for? F stands for forgetting what you already know, and really focusing on the task at hand. So forgetting your limitations, forgetting the subject matter at hand. So if you’re studying business, or you’re studying a language, forgetting those rules you already know and going in with a child-like mind, and really going in with an open mind. Because really, you can’t fill a cup that’s already full, so you have to empty your cup to be able to refill it with new information.

A, what’s the A stand? The A stands for being active. Now, you have to be an active participant in your learning, and one good way of doing it is joining a community, right? Joining a community of other people that area learning the same subject. This could be just like the Author of Your Own Story community, or if you wanna take it up to another level, the Author of Your Own Story University, where you have a community of people playing at just a higher level. So the A is being active, being active in your learning and actually participating. There is some work involved in learning, and it’s not as hard as you probably think, but you do have to be active in this.

The S, what does the S stand for? The S stands for your state. What emotional state are you in? Now, of course, we can always control our state, and a thing that’s really important to remember is, you know, information combined with emotion helps you retain long-term learning. And that’s one of the reasons I try to bring energy every time I do these Daily Growth Hacks, and it really uplevels my energy, but hopefully, it actually adds something to what you’re learning. And that’s also why you can probably remember some of the best times and worst times in your life because they have heavy emotions attached to them.

And the same goes with learning. So really bring your state up, really lift your energy, really bring your all to your learning activity, it’s really up to you. You and I can control our own state, and, you know, even if you’re tired, or you’re low, or you’re run down, you always have more energy to go through. The analogy I constantly use is, you know if you’re tired and I told you, “You just won the lottery,” all of a sudden you would erupt with joy, you’d be jumping around, you’re being really excited. So you have that energy inside of you now. So S is for your state.

And T is for teach, right? So teach it. So when you teach something you’re not only learning it once, but you’re learning it twice. And that happens with me when I do these Daily Growth Hacks, you know, I’m actually reteaching this in my own terms and my own language. And yeah, is it perfect? Probably not, but it helps me, right? So it helps me to relearn the material.

And when I’m coaching a client, whether it’d be an executive, or just a student, somebody that’s just trying to learn, when I’m teaching them the subject material it really ingrains that material in my own mind, because I’m using my own analogies, I’m using my own sentence structure, and I’m using my own emotion to convey that thought process over. So remember, if you wanna learn anything, you use the acronym FAST. F is for forget, A is active, S is state, and T is teach.

That’s it for me today, I hope this helps you out. And whatever subject you’re learning, or trying to grow in in your Five to Thrive, try to apply this FAST acronym to that subject matter. I would really love to hear about it. And remember, teach, get into a community, be active, share this with at least three people, right here, right now, so you can grow your tribe, and so they can learn faster and you can grow faster. That’s it for me today, go out and be the author of your own story.

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