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Often times for a lot of us we get stuck with problems. We can’t see the forest from the trees. Whether we’re working on a new project, a new business, or maybe we wanna become digital nomads, and we’re just not quite there yet.

One thing that has helped myself and my clients is by role-playing. Now, when I say role-playing, what I mean is just imagining for a moment how others would do what you’re trying to achieve. Now, what you wanna do is wanna put yourself in a position where imagining that somebody that you admire, respect who’s been there done that would handle the exact situation you’re in. So for example, for me when I’m launching a new business, when I’m launching one and if I reach the complexity that’s just beyond my comprehension, maybe I hit a wall, and I just can’t see the answer, what I might do is I might step into another’s shoes, right. Step into somebody else’s shoes that I respect. Maybe it’s a business mentor. Maybe it’s Steve Jobs. What would Steve Jobs do in this situation, and I can put myself in his shoes and decide which way I wanna move forward.

Often times by role-playing, what that allows us to do is actually move forward, because we can now step outside of our own paradigms and see things differently. Now, of course, you might be saying, “Hey Doug, well Richard Branson, you act like you’re Richard Branson, but that doesn’t give me the answer.” Well, it probably won’t but it will have you look at things differently. You’re now gonna start looking at things through Richard Branson’s eyes, not yourself. Now, this can be in all areas, right. So this can be in the area of your soul. You could say what would Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, or anybody else do in this situation. You can do all kinds of things. I use the area of business in this example, but you can use what you want.

The problem often is, is we are built with these blueprints that we probably adapted when we were like five or six but now that we’re adults we’re running forward with these blueprints, and it’s like having blinders on. And that’s why having coaches, mentors, being in mastermind groups and listening to podcasts like this could help you see things just slightly differently.

So I wanna ask you today, where in your five to thrive are you dealing with something you just don’t know how to quite get over the hurdle? Now what I want you to do is write that down and pick five people you admire, really admire or look up to, and I want you to step into each person’s shoes, so to speak and actually look at that problem. What would they do in that situation? And once you’ve really gotten there, write that down and do it with each person till you’ve hit five. And now you’re gonna have five different opinions or perspectives on how to move forward on your own journey.

That’s it for me today, let me know how this works for you. As always go to, get on the newsletter, so you can get the latest tips, tricks, and techniques delivered right to your inbox and of course those two magic questions I ask everybody that signs up for the newsletter so you and I can have a conversation that matters. Speaking of conversations that matter, share this with at least three people that you know, so you can hear what they have to say and have conversations that matter above and beyond simply this one that we’re having today. And of course, do the work. I can’t do it for you and doing the work is gonna give you so much more growth than you could ever thought was possible. Have an amazing day, and I will see you tomorrow. Go out and inspire someone simply by being the author of your own story.

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