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A snapshot in time, the present moment. Ask yourself, “Is it working or is it not?” Now, oftentimes we kind of fudge things around. You know, “Is your diet or exercise program working?” “Well, you know sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. You know, sometimes Doug I’m on it and sometimes I’m not.” Well, that’s BS, right? Either it is working, or it’s not working. And if it’s working sometimes that means it’s not working for you.

Now, we can apply this to all areas of our five to thrive. The key is just getting honest with yourself, and really breaking it down. Why do we want to do this? Well, we want to do this because we want to stop walking around with blinders, giving yourself false pretense to actually getting to the path that we want to go on. It’s so easy to drift off course or to swerve as you’re going on the path to your goals, your dreams, and your desires. And this happens to us in all areas of our life. And we’re constantly swerving, right? But the key is that course correction. You know, they say an airplane is almost always off course, but the difference is it is constantly course correcting on its flight path. Whether it be going from Los Angeles to New York, or from New York to London, it is constantly going off course, but again, every split microsecond it’s re correcting or course correcting. And that’s what we want to do in our lives as well.

So, what I invite you to do is go ahead, grab your journal, write out your five to thrive, your mind, body, soul, relationships and yes business. Write those out, and what you’re doing in those areas. Is it working for you? Not for me, not for the person next to you, or your friends, or the people that you look up to, or your coach, your mentor, not for them but for you. This is Author of Your Own Story, you get to write into your own dreams, loves, and your own passions. Is it working for you? And the answer’s simply yes or no. It either is working, or it’s not. And if you’re kind of like, “Well, I don’t know if my relationships are working.” Well, they’re not working then. You either do know it or you don’t it’s simple.

And so, what I want you to do is write that down. Now, an area of relationships maybe you have several categories, you can break those down. Or if you’re like me maybe you own several businesses, and you can break those down too. So, you can say business one, two, three, four, five, six is it working in that business or not? And you have different answers for each, and same goes for relationships, intimate relationships, friendships, co-workers, etc.

And so, when you have that list, and again, you’re being bluntly honest with yourself this is a chance to rip off the mask and just be real. And so, let’s say it’s the area of body, it’s an easy one for most people to understand. So, you want to ask yourself, “Hey, look. Is my body a 10? Or a nine even, on my scale.” Now again, it’s your scale not mine. And it’s not some scale of a cover model on a magazine or anything, it’s just for you, what you want your body to do. Is what you’re doing working? And if you answer no, then what I want you do is say, “What do I need to do to course correct this?” This is your opportunity to make a plan. Now you may want to seek out advice. You may want to seek out advice from a fitness or a nutrition expert. You may want to take a course, or maybe you know what to do, and you’re just not doing it. Then you can ask yourself why.

You want to go through each of these items here. In my mind, is what I’m doing working or am I that person that grabs a book that I really want to read, and I read the first chapter and then I go onto the next book and the next book, and next thing you know I have 100 books with only one chapter read. Is that working? Probably not. And then the areas again like relationships, is the area of relationship with your spouse working? Is the area of relationship with your co-workers working? Is the areas of relationships with your friends working? Do you have the friend groups that are allowing you to live fully, and fully to your potential? Are these people that are pushing you and pulling you up rather than putting you down? Or are these people that just want to get drunk or high with you, or really just want to gossip? These are all poisons and toxins in the body and the soul. So, what is it for you?

And then look at your business. Are you getting as much as you want out of your business? What’s your take-home pay? That’s a key indicator. What are you taking home? And is your business filling you up, or is your work filling you up, is it passion? Are you contributing to the world? Are you giving more to the world than you’re taking away? These are questions you want to ask yourself. Is it working? Yes or no.

That’s it for me today. Do the work. Do this exercise, I think you’re going to get so much out it. And I love all of you that keep responding to me. Send me your results. E-mail me. Go ahead and throw something on social media, I’m easy to find. LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. I’m here for you and I want to support you on your path to your journey. Make sure you share this with at least three people that you think would have a great conversation with this. Build your tribe. Build the tribe of people that are going to pull you up to your own journey. I will see you tomorrow, have a fantastic day and go out and inspire someone simply by being the Author of Your Own Story.

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