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It’s good enough. How often do you hear that in conversations, especially at the workplace or at home? Now, this topic came up in the Author of your Own Story Facebook group. Member Breck Morgan posted this. He asked the question, “Hey, oftentimes I’ll hear people at work or even in my home life say, ‘Hey, it’s good enough,’ and it really bugs me. Am I really just settling? Is everybody settling when they use that term?”

The answer to that question is no.

Now it really depends on the context of the situation. As an entrepreneur, often I use the term “ready, fire, aim.” The reason I do that isn’t that I’m not trying to reach perfection, but I don’t want perfection to stop me. I don’t want to get stalled just because something’s not perfect. In business, we want to get the most viable product as quickly as possible to the marketplace so we can test it.

In my health, for example, I was up really early in the morning to get a workout in and I was tired. Going back to sleep sounded fantastic. But, in other words, I went to the gym instead. Now it wasn’t a perfect scenario. However, I got a fantastic workout in, and that workout was good enough. It wasn’t the perfect workout but good enough.

Take these daily growth hacks. There’s a lot of factors that come into producing these. Now the lighting isn’t perfect. I’m here in my home office. It’s really big. I have vaulted ceilings. If you’re watching this on video you can see behind me I have my calendars, everything up on the board, it’s not decorated as a studio, but it’s good enough. I could use that as an excuse. My office is too big, which is a horrible excuse. It’s too big so there’s an echo, or perhaps it’s not convenient because the lighting or the scenery isn’t as good.

These are all excuses that stop us to reach success.

It’s too early in the morning to workout. What other areas could it happen in? Oftentimes in relationships this happens. You might not put yourself out there in a relationship because it’s not perfect or it’s not the right time, or you’re not fit enough, or maybe you just need to do XYZ. You need to make more money. You need to find the right person.

Now if you’re using it as “hey, it’s good enough,” just to get down and be lazy, obviously you’re settling. That’s not the right reason. It really becomes the context. I have a friend who wants to film video. She’s been talking about this for three years. She’s got camera equipment. She got the lights. She has editors. She has everything necessary but she hasn’t filmed a video yet. Why? It’s not perfect. The lighting isn’t right. The background isn’t right. The timing isn’t right. Sometimes she’s tired. Sometimes she just doesn’t know what she wants to say to the marketplace. She is so concerned with it being perfect that it never happens.

Now what happens here is the psychology of your mind, you have this image of yourself, the success that you are. I believe that you are a success. But what happens is fear sets into that success and you get so engrossed in this idea of how great you are that if you actually put yourself out there and try something and really go after it, even if it’s just good enough, that if you fail, you’re going to crush your inner view of yourself.

You need to let that go.

I’m going to ask you this. Where in your five to thrive are you actually settling by saying it’s good enough to try to get through, but really where are you acting out of fear trying to go for perfection and not just putting something out there, putting yourself out there? In the area of your mind, is there a language you’re not learning because it’s not the perfect time, or maybe your pronunciation, like me with Spanish, is horrible?

Maybe it’s your body. Maybe you don’t have the right gym or you’re not close enough. Maybe it’s my ankle hurts so I can’t work out, or it’s not the perfect time, I don’t have the right clothes to go workout. People are going to judge me.

Maybe it’s relationships. Maybe you’re not making enough money to ask that girl out or you don’t have the perfect body so you don’t want to put yourself out there with these guys.

Maybe it’s in the idea of your business. Maybe you’re not bringing videos and audios and everything you can to the marketplace. Maybe you’re not putting yourself out there. Maybe you’re stuck in a job that you absolutely hate because you feel you have to.

That’s settling. I’m going to ask you to write this down. Write down mind, body, soul, relationships and business on a piece of paper and take five minutes for each of these and think about where in your life are you settling. Where in your life do you want to be good enough? Where in your life do you need to take action to have the first viable product or the viable solution and bring it towards your goals?

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