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Today’s topic – know your why.

This is your Daily Growth Hack – where each day we bring you a tip, trick, or insight on how to uplevel your life and what we call the five to thrive: mind, body, soul, relationship, and business.

Now when we talk about knowing your why, the reason this came up for me was I was talking to a client of mine and what they wanted was location independence. Now, by most accounts this person was extremely successful in all areas of their life. They had a fantastic business where they have had a tremendous growth, it’s bringing a lot of revenue to them, they had kind of “made it” so to speak.  Their health and fitness was getting better and better by the week or even by the day. Their relationships were getting better. They had a spiritual practice that really worked for them. And they were also really feeding all areas of their life.

So why couldn’t they hit this goal of location independence? And that was something we dove into. And so when I ask them, “well geez, why do you want location independence?”, they couldn’t give me an answer. They couldn’t tell me. The best thing that they could come up with was, “well, Doug, you have location independence. It seems like a good thing. You’re having a great life, you’re telling me you’re doing well. That’s what I want too”.

That’s fine and great. Location independence works for me, and it’s something that I wanted but I also knew why I wanted it. It was something that I strived for and that I really worked to get and achieved it.

For this person, they didn’t really know why they wanted it, they were successful in all other areas of their life, but they didn’t know why. So each time they got closer to location independence any time a roadblock or an obstacle would get in their way they simply couldn’t push past it. They simply just couldn’t get over those hurdles, and that’s because they didn’t have a solid why.

I believe that if you have a solid why, there are no roadblocks. You figure out a way to go over, under, around, through, whatever you have to do. That roadblock just doesn’t exist anymore. It’s just an opportunity to pivot and go a different direction. Knowing your why is critical. Whatever your goals may be, small or large, knowing your why will help you get there and will help you when you face adversity.

The larger the goal, and I dream big and I have my clients dreaming just as big, if not bigger than I do, and one of the things that we really focus on each time they set a goal is knowing the reason why. What will achieving that goal get you? What will achieving that goal get you in your five to thrive? How will achieving the goal affect your mind? How will it affect your body and your fitness? How will it affect your soul? How about your relationships? How about your business or your other goals that you have?

So, really going down and going deep into each goal you have and identifying the reason why will help you achieve it. So, your action step today is to go through your goals list. Now, if you don’t have a goals list, go to – go ahead and check out our course on setting goals, that’s your first step. But now, if you do have goals, what I want you to do is take each of those goals and start with the biggest ones and rewrite, really write down why you want it. What is achieving that goal going to get you in all five areas of your five to thrive? So, again that’s how it can help you with your mind, your body, your soul, your relationships, and your business. What effects is that going to have positively for you? What I want you to do is write down the list or journal about it like it’s a story.

Remember, you are the Author of Your Own Story and knowing your why is just one step on the path of success. That’s all I have for you today –  I’d love to hear what your comments are in the Author of Your Own Story community.  Of course, remember go to and you can actually go ahead and get courses as well as your daily teachings delivered right to your inbox. Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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