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Today my wife and I got into a little dispute. Now it wasn’t really anything bad, but we were actually talking about time and we had a disconnect. We were both tired, hungry and we had a disconnect over who should do what in regards to watching our son. Now it wasn’t bad and we were able to come together in about an hour or so and reconnect and talk about what was really going on for us. What were the triggers?

A couple of years ago, maybe five years ago or so, this would have resulted in a day, a week maybe of just agitation and disconnection. Right, now I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I have this happen with somebody or I have an argument or a miscommunication of sorts sometimes I can let that harbor and I can get angry and I can get upset and I can start stacking layers on this. Now, recently I started doing this. Also, letting things go too long without coming back to have that conversation, but I did it with another area of my five to thrive. I did it with my body.

You know, my wife was pregnant and our son was being born. I kind of slipped and started eating bad food and stopped working out as much. I was only getting a couple of hours of sleep as most new parents know what that’s like, but what I had to do I started recognizing that I was waiting too long to get back in and when I got back in the gym it was harder to get started. It was harder to start eating really good foods and getting in the habit. I started getting accustomed to pizza, nachos, you know cereal. Just quick and easy sugary foods, that I wasn’t eating beforehand.

So what I’m going to ask you today is grab your journal, look at your five to thrive. Are there are any areas that you were like me, where you’ve waited too long in the past or right now? Are you waiting too long to make the change? You know for me today in the area of relationship, I have built systems of education and courses where if I have a disconnect or miscommunication, I go back and I clean it up right away and it’s become so much better. You know we can move forward so much quicker. In the area of the body I’m doing it faster again and so where for you in your five to thrive, is there something that you need to go back right away and clean it up?

That’s it from me today. As always go to the, get on the newsletter so you can get the latest tips, tricks and techniques delivered right to your inbox and I’d love to hear from you on how these daily growth hacks are working for you. Find me on social media, reach out to me and of course, I’m always in the author of your own story community on Facebook. Come in, talk to me, love to hear your thoughts. Until then, I will see you tomorrow. Have a great day.

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